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About this week's 1/29 updates & what you can do.

PostPosted: 03 Feb 2018, 19:00
by Riddras
Just a little update on the game's happenings since the last update, for the benefit of weekend warriors and casual players:

i. The latest update gives us Shopping Plaza discounts! Of note are the Izuna and Gennai Special Partner scrolls. If you have not maxed them out yet, now you definitely should. Any self respecting casual player would have some backup free OC for moments like this, so use them. One thing to note, CS said these are only purchasable using paid OC, but I believe it only applies to the outfit changes (for Himiko and Musashi, the actual highlight of this update). Other good stuff include magatama slot aids and status point resets. Available until Feb 12th.

ii. Another round of weekly presents have been sent out (we're at No.3 of 5). Do remember to accept from the System > presents > account tab before they expire.

iii. An emergency maintenance was done within 24 hours of the previous one to fix a bug that prevents players with partners summoned to log in. They said they're gonna give out compensation, so it's another thing to look forward to. I'm hoping for more free OC, but will take whatever free stuff they'll give me.

iv. CS finally fixed the bazaar bug that enabled players to sell stuff for 1 OC and stack them for the same min price. I suppose this was mainly used by players with multiple accounts, and those who sell stuff like friendship items/rare mats in bazaar. I found it odd when CS 'implemented' this, since they didn't make any announcement. So it's back to how it was now.

v. Shizuka maid and Miroku butler accessories are now no longer salable. This was a clear bug, since it clashes with their description, and no other accessories were salable. There's still time to exchange them from the Gala grounds, so have at it.

vi. The New Year's event in Kaga is still ongoing. If you haven't been collecting those Nirvana Nattou, you should. Normal mode is fairly easy. I would say the minimum of what you want to exchange for is the New Years Gacha Tickets, Torn Pieces of SP Gacha Tickets, and Torn Pieces of Gacha Ticket to be exchanged for whole tickets from the cat NPC in Onigashima (next to the giant iron mace). If you have more time to farm Nattou, roll the Treasure chest Nyankoropon with Gawain for those Torn Pieces of New Years Premium Gacha Tickets. Every item listed is a guaranteed hit eventually, and if you use up all the resets, you should have enough to exchange for at least 3 New Years Premium Gacha Tickets.

vii. If you manage to roll a platinum in the Normal Gacha Units 1~3 Nyankoropon, you will notice the extra gift item is a Premium Gacha Ticket, which is not usable for any rolls at the moment. Hold on to them for the moment, because CS will put in a Premium Gacha roll eventually.

The official update notes:
The spcial page:

Re: About this week's 1/29 updates & what you can do.

PostPosted: 03 Feb 2018, 23:32
by Riddras
Yes, you're right. GG until 3/12, but I'm not sure if all the components will make it till the end, or just the badges for exchange. Kaga New Years event till 2/12 along with the shopping plaza discounts according to website, which leaves the second part of the story to be implemented next week. They might still change the dates. It has happened before.

Another thing, as pointed out by JumpyZ, the Kanazawa castle is inaccessible to everyone at the moment, leaving players who are trying to do Kaga main story quest unable to continue. Shouldn't be an issue for those who are past this story line, but hopefully they can fix this soon for newer players or players with alt characters running story quests.

Re: About this week's 1/29 updates & what you can do.

PostPosted: 10 Feb 2018, 17:08
by Riddras
They fixed the kanazawa castle bug, so players can progress story now.

Re: About this week's 1/29 updates & what you can do.

PostPosted: 16 Feb 2018, 21:52
by Riddras
Short update:

i. Shopping discounts have now ended. Prices reverted back to normal.

ii. This week is the last one for the weekly presents (No.5 of 5). Accept from the System > presents > account tab.

iii. Bazaar min prices and stacking is still holding, seems like it's here for good now.

iv. Part II of the Kaga event quests is now on.

v. New Years Ticket is still obtainable from the daily rewards and Kaga event, but the Nyankoropon rolls are unavailable for it. Only Premium New Years Tickets are usable. There are also issues with the Spring Dawn Tickets, so guess we just have to wait for them to fix it.