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Little Bits of Tips and Tricks.

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Little Bits of Tips and Tricks.

Postby Riddras » 01 Apr 2018, 06:35

I've been meaning to post a topic on this for a while now. I suppose this is a good time as any. Most of these are already known by long time players, but new players may find it useful. Will just list a few off the top of my head, and maybe will add more later on. Player input is greatly welcomed.

-To take a screenshot, press F12. Or try using Print Screen first. Screenies will go into your screenshot folder.

-Events sometimes have dungeon countdown timers on the top right of your screen, blocking your Boost timer indicator. It is actually movable so just click and drag it aside to see how long your boost is left.

-You can put up a Bazaar stall without being actually online or even paying for it (Bronze level). Open your stall, then go to a crystal or portal. As soon as it goes to the loading screen, press Alt-F4 to exit. If done right, the stall should still be there for others to buy while you are offline.

-Leave a message in the Party Recruitment list, bug a party by creating a party and listing it, and do the same as what you would do for offline bazaar. It should stay there until next server maintenance or reset.

-To delete your bugged party message, create your party in the same condition as you bugged it, message and all, check the list to see if it is correct, then leave. The party should now no longer be listed. This can be used to remove accidental ones as well (error/dc during loading).

-You have a much better chance of getting a magatama drop in Hard mode dungeons than Hell mode. This is in the actual coding, which is perhaps a mistake by the devs that were not corrected (intentionally or unintentionally).

-changing character names using the rename ticket will not make you anonymous. There are ways for people to find out to what name you have changed it to. This is namely on friends list and chat group, where you have control by removing yourself from them prior to name changing. However, if you are on someone's blacklist, your name will change there as well and it is easy for people to see to what is has changed to. There is nothing you can do about it save for deleting your character. So the best way is to be nice and behave.

-You can die in town/rift by using Sacrifice skill, and then drinking Feast Of The Damned.

-Triple Sword Lunge skills can help you move around faster, and helps clear dungeons faster. All rank 3 would be best with lower cooldown time to spam the skills.

-You can get gold easily every weekend from Wardings dungeon by running the Golden hunt dungeon. Alternatively, run Kintoki's dungeon in onigashima.

-While having a staff equipped, press Q, an emote key, and right click (use skill) together so see some odd character movements. It has its uses, but I'll just leave it at that.

-You can get Free partner scrolls (namely Izuna and Gennai) after completing quests in Kyoto. You can get a free youkai pet scroll, and a Gargoyle Assist partner scroll by completing Ahiya Douma's quest in Onigashima.

-Rank 4 and Rank 5 skills have a huge difference in damage, so use only Rank 5 and above whenever possible.

-To effectively stop your character's leveling equip 2 nothingness magatamas. You will get 1exp for each kill (doesn't work when mounted). This no longer works for characters below level 100.

-Special Partners are affected by effects from equipped weapons, magatamas, and other character stats when you do a vanguard swap. Mounts are not.

This should do for now.
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