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Tips & thoughts on April Fool's Event 2019 update

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Tips & thoughts on April Fool's Event 2019 update

Postby Riddras » 21 Apr 2019, 18:25

A bit late but, here are some tips and my thoughts on the April Fool's event implemented earlier this month for those casual players and weekend warriors. There are 2 things going on for this update; item exchanges, and partner story development.

-The partner story development part is done through the giving of Yokai Chocolate (50 Sucrose, 1 Powder, 1 Butter) to partners and seeing their somewhat amusing reactions. That's about it. You can skip all 42 partners or just do a few of whom you are interested in. This won't affect your own character.

-Get Summoner's Scroll -Lil' Musashi, and Summoner's Scroll Kintoki Idol Ver. If you haven't maxed them out already through previous events and reduxes, this is a great time to do so as it is relatively easy to get chocolates for all the scrolls. Do not miss this opportunity because we all know how difficult it is to max partners through nyankoropon.

-While most Kinka Mei item exchanges are purely cosmetic, do note that some of them will give achievement rewards by equiping them. Check to see if they are worthwhile for you (Doggy Paw - White gives +300 durability ticket so get that one).

-Equip Chocolate Lychee Magatama (300 Sucrose) as it gives a massive boost to your damage against Chocolate monsters (especially for low level raiders below lv 115). You also get 2 SP tickets as achievement reward.

-exchange the Yokai Sucrose for Yokai Cacao Powder/Butter. You don't need to camp out for giant versions of Chocolate Tiamat/Odin. Just go for the smaller ones then exchange them with Kinka Mei. 100 Sucrose for 1 Powder/Butter.

-Have drop boost on when you're chocolate farming. It's the difference between getting 50 Sucrose instead of 200 (small Tiamat/Odin), or 3 Butter instead of 8 (giant Tiamat/Odin). If you're limited on boost, just activate when there is a giant Tiamat/Odin is almost dead.

-Small versions of Tiamat and Odin also drops Powder/Butter, but at a low rate. All the more reason to have drop boost on.

-There are 4 places to farm chocolates, not just 2; Izumo fields, Oosumi Plains North Channel 1, 2 and 3. To change channels go to Alt > System > Channel Select.

-Work together to take down Chocolate monsters. It doesn't matter whether you are in a party or not. All players who dealt damage will get the drops. So there is no case of kill stealing or whathaveyou.

-It is a good idea to restart the game client when a giant Tiamat/Odin is down to the 2nd HP bar as it is known to crash at the most inconvenient time (right when it dies but before you get to pickup the drops). Do not restart before it goes to the 2nd HP bar because it is also known to sometimes die without going to the 2nd HP bar.

-need help getting the initial Cacao Powder and Cacao Butter? Open a party and list in recruitment window. There are plenty of players willing to help out.

I hope that helps a bit. Feel free to add anything else I missed. Event runs from April 1st to May 6th and bears a lot of resemblence to last year's Valentine's Event. 2 weeks left of this event, which is still plenty of time so have at it.
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