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[Guide] Skills

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Re: [Guide] Skills

Postby KiraYuuichi » 05 Oct 2014, 08:55

Wait, so... can you extract Ougi Spirit Blast from Oni's Dagger then slap it on End of Days CROSS?
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Re: [Guide] Skills

Postby Sheiko » 05 Oct 2014, 19:58

Ougi's cannot be extracted...
Plus, Oni Dagger only have Oni Spirit Blast and it is not called Ougi True Spirit Blast if you read it carefully... 8-)
But yeah, u can extract Oni Spirit Blast(Normal Skill) and apply it to Swords only... :?
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Re: [Guide] Skills

Postby SupremeTentacle » 12 Oct 2014, 19:57

Warning: Oni Spirit Blast eats significant durability, and has a lack of damage as it is only a rank 3 skill.
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Re: [Guide] Skills

Postby Lynneth » 13 Oct 2014, 21:07

SupremeTentacle wrote:Warning: Oni Spirit Blast eats significant durability, and has a lack of damage as it is only a rank 3 skill.

It's free anyway, and with initial weapon, your weapons have infinite durability. It's not meant to be used at higher level... there's the replacement skill for Oni Spirit Blast : True Spirit Blast.
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Re: [Guide] Skills

Postby XJow3000 » 08 Dec 2014, 09:46

I got a +50 Odachi sword, and has a max lv 1 Sword of Avidya, trying to evolve it but wont work.
some of my +0 Odachi can be evolve but my +50 wont..

Does it has to be +0 in order for it to evolve skills?
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Re: [Guide] Skills

Postby Ryxa » 08 Dec 2014, 09:57

SeekerFate wrote:To know if the weapon you've obtained has met that rng chance go to momotarou's skill evo and look at your weapon's skills to see if they have a border.
Luckily, this particular weapon has both a double and triple border for me to explain.

The double border indicates that that particular skill can evolve once. (edit: nvm only skill extraction will level down a skill) -What does this mean? You can evolve the same skill on different weapons as long as requirements are met-
The triple border is similar but instead of being capable of evolving once, it can evolve twice but still follows similar rules to the double border.
Skill level needs to be maxed for the multi-border to take effect and allow the skill to "evolve" to the next rank.
Raising Momo's partner level will bump the evolution limit and allow you to do higher level evolutions such as rank 2->3 and 3->4, etc.
Best part is? This is one of the few features that doesn't cost any ryou! -looks at the poor drained wallet of mine and looks at all the people I know who've dumped millions of ryou into them weapons- (warning:timetolevelskillsnotincludedthankyoufortakingyourtimeandwehopetoseeyouagain)

SeekerFate wrote:TL;DR
-Level skills
-skill level applies to all weapons and are independent with skill rank
-evolution requires double border skills and max skill level to do (limited by weapon)

It's literally right there...
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Re: [Guide] Skills

Postby Trappi » 18 Feb 2015, 18:27

SeekerFate wrote:1)
2) Unfortunately, skill change is locked to rank 5.

Sadly I managed to change a Tornado Drop Rank6 to a Phoenix Slash Rank7 (I wanted to change the Collapsing Blade skill to anything else on that weapon) on a sword via Skill Change in the smelting options.
No screenshot to prove that, cuz' I was also pretty sure, that rank6 TD won't be a target for skill change due to its rank. :cry:
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