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What should I do? (Build)

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What should I do? (Build)

Postby Precious » 11 Jul 2014, 19:45

I have a daring character, I just joined this game about three days ago so when creating her I didn't quite understand what stats and you know points were meant to be used for. The five options: Wisdom, Power, Dexterity, Vit and Mnd. Not sure what the "Mnd and Vit" stand for but back to the point here. I normally skip EVERYTHING and even sometimes tutorials so I did not read out you know the helpful information that would of probably made me avoid this whole issue I have here. I now know that those points on Wisdom and things like that were meant for the certain types of classes. I use Daring and have Dual Swords often and sometimes use Bow meaning I'd need to have mostly all Dexterity now at the time I didn't know that so I did what any other person would do or so I am guessing would do and just chose three that made the most sense. "Vit, Dex and Pow." I am a level 14 right now and my Dex is at 19 my Vit is at 16 and my Pow is at 18.. making me a very weak character since I am suppose to have Dexterity flooded with all my points for the most critical damage or maybe some Vit I'm really confused about all this still. Anyway basically I screwed my whole character up, I got all her weapons enchanted and smelted and I even got my perfect username which I want to keep. People advise me to just start all over and pretend she's never existed and I'm just like, isn't there a way in the future to get a free stats reset instead of spending twenty bucks? I read there was but you get it way in the high levels like 30+ right? Meaning I'm going to be squishy and weak until then. I just, I made this into a long huge paragraph of a story. What do you guys think I should do? Start all over make the same exact class and all or just keep playing this character and deal with what I got. OR. Am I not as weak as I think? Am I actually decently powerful? I think not since I die so easily but we'll see with the replies of this thread if I get any at all. Thank you for your advice and ..all. But, I mean. I'm just annoyed with all this and probably going to keep my character I originally had AKA the "Weak" one. (If I posted this in the wrong sub-forum I'm sorry) I have bad grammar and repeat words a-lot so sorry. Even if I do make a new character, I'm keeping her and might resume playing her when I am more skilled and smarter with this game.
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Re: What should I do? (Build)

Postby Yokai » 11 Jul 2014, 20:01

Paragraphs m8, paragraphs.
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Re: What should I do? (Build)

Postby SeekerFate » 11 Jul 2014, 20:05

Well, it's really your choice since either would be fine.
Even if you delete your character, you can instantly remake the character with the same name as long as no one happens to take the name during the interval you're remaking your character.

Yes the reset you get for repairing benkei is when you'll be roughly lvl 30 or so.

To be honest, spreading you point so early makes your character pretty weak, especially since you divided the points into vit (basically useless for anything other than spear) but it will even out to some extent a bit later if you devote the points correctly from now on, though you may still be lacking since some of the points are in inefficient areas. It's nothing that can't really be covered by skilled(careful) gameplay and making absolute sure that the rest of your points go into the proper stats from now on is vital.

If you really really like the name I suggest remaking if you're not that far in, but otherwise if you're past say belze you might be better toughing it out/getting help so you can reset.
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Re: What should I do? (Build)

Postby Precious » 11 Jul 2014, 20:14

I'll remake then, but I'm not going to remake her because of all the stuff she has, I think that in the future if there's not one already which I don't think there is that they may or may not have mailboxes and then I can just mail the things from that character over to the new one. Also, not going to remake a character that looks exactly like her but of the same age group and dramatically different appearance. I just don't like having twins. It will be annoying to play nonstop to get back to the level but it will be worth it in the end, I hope. Better than being weak my whole player life until I'm a higher level. Leveling is slow for me, don't know why. It takes me a couple hours just to get like 4 levels higher? Anyway thanks for sharing your thoughts, It will be the same class but all dexterity.
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Re: What should I do? (Build)

Postby Rufei » 13 Jul 2014, 22:36

If you get to Kyoto and beat Benkei, you get a free SP reset which also lets you reset your personality type.
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Re: What should I do? (Build)

Postby dispiritment » 27 Dec 2014, 03:51

Haha I don't know if you're still playing lol. XD
(Or maybe you've gotten to Kyoto with a carry)

Because if you're still playing (and that char is still available and stuck at some low-level god-knows-where place), just PM me and I can carry you to Kyoto where you can get that Stat Reset thing.

Apart from that, Hoimizu (one of my char) has the same situation as you. But later on I just basically dumped all the remaining stats that I got in the other levels into dex, and it's fine, because she soloed Room of Rites at level 20.

I hoped it helped, and yeah it's all I have to say XD

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