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[WIP]Mariah's Guide to becoming a Magical girl (or guy)

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Re: [WIP]Mariah's Guide to becoming a Magical girl (or guy)

Postby SupremeTentacle » 18 Jan 2015, 08:27

Calimero wrote:Thanks for the answer. 35*15-150=375, seems more useful than 54sp, i will give it a try when i get a good end game weapon. Good thing i did get some ougi extraction items at the last event so that i can correct some mistakes :mrgreen:

Note that if you have minimal mind, you should tick 30/tick with a Maxi cross, so even if you're not a mind build, and somehow managed to get literally 0 wisdom, you'd still profit 200 total SP.
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Re: [WIP]Mariah's Guide to becoming a Magical girl (or guy)

Postby Kurosei » 30 Jan 2015, 23:45

Been a mage actually is so much fun. You can just run around teammates in dungeon and spam support spells. Then things go bad - you change to wand and turn things your way. Two mages with proper Invigorate/support skills - and battlefield turns to hell, A LOT of mana, literaly can spam skills, wiping out everything. Needless to say, I do have bow/staff main, 66 lvl, bows are easier, but not that fun. For the build - wis/mnd is great combination, it's better to stick with wis, though. On low lvls just add enough MND to support spells to work properly. This way even if you're out of food - you can just spam sanctuary/energy balls/first aid to recover. And to regen mana with spare wands/staves. Clearing dungeons on hard/hell is quite easy on low lvls, just stick to Fireball and AoE spells. Basic attack is good too, damage output is not that high, still useful though. Bow/staff is good to go too.
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