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Hermit Crab Grotto (Repair)

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Hermit Crab Grotto (Repair)

Postby Ginkotsu » 09 Aug 2014, 23:48

Not even sure if this is big enough of a thing to make a guide for, but here's something to make repairing, restocking, etc. faster for those grinding at Hermit Crab Grotto:

1) Exit the Dungeon.
2) Go find a Gama(frog) nearby. If you have higher health go to a crab. Doesn't matter, just die.
3) Click "Give Up" and you should end up in Echigo (if that was your last visited town).
4) Repair, restock, etc.
5) Leave Echigo going into Hokurikudo 4th Line (the field where Hermit Crab Grotto is).
6) Press Alt > Click on the 'X' on the top-right corner of the screen> Use the "Move to Resurrection Point" function. This should take you to the other side of Hokurikudo 4th Line.
7) Run the rest of the way into Hermit Crab Grotto for your next run.

Not as complicated as it looks.
Credits to "Mp".
Any suggestions to make this short guide better is appreciated.
IGN- Ginkotsu

ENG CBT - 16(lol)
ENG OBT - 90
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Re: Hermit Crab Grotto (Repair)

Postby Rayyee » 17 Aug 2014, 07:17

thank for your ideas
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