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[GUIDE]Hermit crab grind impression (Sword)

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Re: [GUIDE]Hermit crab grind impression (Sword)

Postby Akuii » 06 Jan 2015, 11:57

Ixie wrote:
Chieko-sama wrote:hmmmm, I was so curious tbh how can you get no lag at all? grotto is so laggy for me.. (I know my provider sucks, but the FPS got laggy too), got a laptop with intel i5 and Nvidia GT740M.. I've even turned off all graphics effect at the game settings.

lag occurs when there's bunch of animations like ants digging, and ice bubbles..

so.. What kinda solutions for me to clear it with 0 possible deaths and.. eradicate the lag if possible. :/

Extremely likely that you have an integrated graphics card on your laptop as well, and Onigiri loves to select it over your actual nvidia card. I have the same card as yours (but 520M) and this happens to a large portion of laptop nvidia users.

On your desktop, right click and hit *nvidia control panel* (if it's not there, google how to get there, i'm lazy x_x) then go to *Manage 3D settings* and hit *Add* and select onigiri

Undr the *select the preferred graphics processor for this program* tab selection, you'll likely see it automatically set to your non nvidia card, simply click on it and switch it to your card, and hit *apply* (feel free to also check your other games as well using this method)

100% harmless to your computer, and 100% recommended before any other drastic changes to ensure you don't actually do something harmful to your computer.

I'm so glad I found this post. THIS WORKED GREAT!
I'm running a GTX 650 Ti and I still lagged a lot during HCG runs(mainly last room) but once I added onigiri to the list, I have no lag whatsoever. I still lose a few frames but this is miles better than dropping to 5-10 fps! I used to run HCG with shadows and effects turned off but now I can run everything without lag.
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