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Nayuta Magatama

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Nayuta Magatama

Postby Raien » 22 Aug 2014, 19:09

where can i find this maga? is it on quest or drops? ty :D
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Re: Nayuta Magatama

Postby Rocksilver » 22 Aug 2014, 23:09

Wrong section bud, would be best to ask in General Discussion.

This subsection is for guide making or asking for strategies against dungeon X or Mob Y.

please ask this in the appropriate section.
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Re: Nayuta Magatama

Postby Rayyee » 03 Sep 2014, 02:37

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Re: Nayuta Magatama

Postby Lynneth » 04 Sep 2014, 10:47

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