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Chakra/Magatama Inquiry

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Chakra/Magatama Inquiry

Postby Saotome Haru » 07 Sep 2014, 18:39

Do we have an exact table of how much chakra is increased per level ? Basically, i wanna know if theres like a table on which tells you how much chakra you have every level . Prolly, from 60 - 85 at least ?
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Re: Chakra/Magatama Inquiry

Postby SupremeTentacle » 08 Sep 2014, 08:47

I don't have anything that really covers chakra that well - considering that I added it in later, and forgot about it several times.

However, this spreadsheet should have a few reference numbers for chakra onn the far right side.

Note that Amaterasu levels also affect chakra, so some of it may not be perfectly accurate to what you have.
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