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[Revised] Increase your damage output as much as 50%!!!

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Re: Increase your damage output as much as 50%!!!

Postby SupremeTentacle » 25 Nov 2014, 05:19

At this point, I'll offer an apology of my own. While I definitely did flame you to an extent, it's mainly because I hate it when people bring in information without confirming it first, or divulging the rest of the information that would lead the originally divulged information to make sense.

It would have been pretty bad if people flat out believed you and began re-creating characters as well as transferring gear, no?

Thanks for finding the hp formula, and giving the game's players your support.

Do note that I will continue to harshly point out anything that is false though, never letting up on that.

For example, either you've phrased SP cut wrongly, or it's something other than what we know. It's supposed to be wisdom that reduces the amount of SP consumed, and the numbers are off. The thing you've posted looks like the amount of flat regeneration that's provided once players reach a certain mind threshold.
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Re: [Revised] Increase your damage output as much as 50%!!!

Postby Calimero » 25 Nov 2014, 08:45

Well, glad to see that a huge body type character, ie a strong barbarian that spent all his life doing physical labor and physical combat training, is not gonna do more magical damage than my scrawny mage who has spent years reading magical books in a dusty tower. It was making no sense at all :lol:
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Re: [Revised] Increase your damage output as much as 50%!!!

Postby sylvia1239 » 31 Jan 2015, 15:31

Can someone please translate what this person is saying? I don't understand a thing what he's trying to say.
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