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Magatama info and Selling for OC

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Re: Magatama info and Selling for OC

Postby slapnuts » 14 Feb 2015, 15:51

OvvO wrote:
Trinityking wrote:Oh yeah i forgot to put this in, how much i can sell for the Literature Magatama recipe? just the recipe not the actual thing
cuz i got like a couple of those

Nothing. Big fat zero. Throw them at Miroku and hope he gives you some good magatamas.

1.You'd have to purchase a bazaar to even sell recipes.

That's ripping players off in my honest opinion, which is bullsht.

2. Literature Magatama recipes drop more than the bass in a Skrillex's "Drop the bass".

can you tell me this? why is it the hard to get mag's like the strawberry/banana mags go for low oc prices? yet the worthless other mags sells higher?

sorry if this comes out rude don't mean it that way lol.
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