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[Question] What type would be best for twin swords and stat?

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[Question] What type would be best for twin swords and stat?

Postby Tsuzo » 22 Dec 2014, 14:34

I wanted to create an all out twin sword character and was wondering what type and stats I should do.
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Re: [Question] What type would be best for twin swords and s

Postby Dude X » 23 Dec 2014, 00:58

There isn't a best of since it depends on your play style but whatever, here is something basic that should be enough for lazy people.

Until level 105:
Daring or Cautious
100 base dex
50 base mind
Crit title
3 SF Magatamas with, at least, hp/crit *hint: fated contractor*
Rapid Storm Ougi staff
+100 cypher with Thunder Beast Ougi x2 or Thunder Beast Ougi + True Spirit Blast Ougi
[or just find a way to get 10k+ atk, 130%+ skill force boost, 40+ crit, chiami and you should be fine]

After 105:
Get a better weapon because, even if Cypher is still okay-ish, you're loosing a lot of the damage that the new weapons give.
Add the leftover points into whatever you want.
Change title, you should be able to have enough crit by now with decent magatamas.

If you don't like it then enjoy the game, try some builds, check how things work and make a proper one with the help of the onigiri wiki@
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