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Whats a good build for a Staff/Wand build?

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Whats a good build for a Staff/Wand build?

Postby Besharia » 05 Jan 2015, 18:02

Whats a good build for a Staff build with wands as a secondary? I want to main healing but I want to do enough damage to clear content solo if need be.
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Re: Whats a good build for a Staff/Wand build?

Postby Momiji » 06 Jan 2015, 09:19

For that, if you want to have enough power to clear content, you'll be using wands to main, with staffs to support and sustain.

The high Wis Stat will reduce SP used for spells, which at low level 40, and allow for cheap use of spells.

However, to main with staff, you need staffs of high attack skill level, and one for AOe Mob control.

There is a guide somewhere in this forum as well.
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Re: Whats a good build for a Staff/Wand build?

Postby Moriya Suwako » 08 Jan 2015, 02:59

Wand/Staff build literally just goes full Wisdom/Mind, and add Dex or Pow depending on whether you want more crit/CDs or a faster cast animation. Once you hit around the 90s, you can easily max both wand and staff affinity. In terms of titles, your main goal is to go for Shoutoku Taishi (Kuugai isn't bad to keep temporarily, but Shoutoku Taishi is vastly superior). At that point, it's the magatamas that change how you play.

Do you plan on being an offensive staff and an offensive wand user? Or do you plan on using your wand as your damage output as using staff as your main support?
If it's the former, you'll want to consider your costs and how much you're able to fund into it. From my experience, in regards to staff skills, Holy Pillar, Shadow Ball, and Nether Trap Ougi are your best skills in terms of overall damage. Add Holy light here and there if you want some solo boss DPS, but that's usually not necassary. It'll change based on your playstyle, but you'll probably want to carry around something along the setup of 2 defensive staffs, 1 offensive, and 1 wand.

If it's the latter (Which is what I use), prioritize on your wand output first, and usually you want to run staves that have either Meditation or some sort of cheap and strong skill (ie: holy pillar). Your staff is purely used just to heal yourself up, to buff yourself, and/or to give you some SP. On wand, Frost Glaive or some form of Ice Bolt is a must. It's AOE to damage output is probably the best that wand has at the moment. The rest of skills are up to you. However avoid the following skills for they are VERY lackluster: Dark Gate Ougi, Ice Needle, Ice Shot/Freezing Bullet, Landmine Flame, Aqua Geyser, and Spiral Wind. Every other skill is useful, and it depends on what you want. Shadow Ball, Bright Homing, Hellfire, Thundercrash are amazing single-target skills. Earth Glaive, Call Lightning are really good "bread and butter" skills and forward AOE. For everything else and everything, there's Frost Glaive.

In terms of Magatama, I'd suggest trying to mash in as many Magic Magatama as you can. For hybrids like us, stuff that gives multiple skill force for multiple weapons is a godsend. And likewise, our stats Wisdom and Mind highly complement each other. What changes between the magatama build is whether you want to run staff or wand skill force. Lord Enma (Rank 6 -> 52% skill force) is what I will always recommend no matter what circumstance for Wand. As for staff, it's debatable between Reihou (Rank 7 -> 50% Skill force) and Gyokutei Magatama (Rank 6 -> 45% skill force). Just don't ever use Chiami as a wand. You have self-heals like extend heal for that, and you rarely are ever in a situation where chaimi helps you. If you plan to go wand heavy, do remember that you eat SP ridiculously fast. Fated Contractors kinda ease on that, but eventually, you'll need someone who can invig you for over expected values. To give you a perspective, a 102SP/tic double invig is barely not enough to sustain me when I carry dungeons. On the other side, Staff is somewhat weaker and definitely does not have as much AOE, but your skills costs absolutely nothing to use with a Wis/Mind build.

So pick and choose. I would suggest the wand route, but it takes quite a bit of effort and some hefty funding to make it work. I hope this helps
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