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Re: [Guide] Boss Strategies

PostPosted: 09 Jun 2022, 21:13
by maxwell3094
Well after a pretty nice stretch of reasonable mainline quests I've reached a Hitler tier one again in the form of machina medicine so my motivation to continue the main story has pretty much stalled out. On the sort of bright side with the current events exchange shop seeming pretty meh I've been putting my energy to other uses instead beyond the event daily missions and so have been trying out various warding bosses though for a number of them I'm still not quite sure what the actual purpose of farming them is. Logos Ahriman, Nightshade plant, Glacies Typhon, and Visul Odin have all been added in and the Dragon Arks should come in the near future as I work towards making a Datenryuu weapon. Blitz is maybe soon depending on if the 2nd set of difficulties is doable for me while Leviathan will probably be a while before I have enough damage to actually threaten it. As for fire Satan...whew. That one will almost certainly be a very long ways away.