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How to be a WINNER at this game!

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Re: How to be a WINNER at this game!

Postby Miyano311 » 14 Aug 2016, 03:24

Heimarmene wrote:
Miyano311 wrote:SOUL-REAPER'S SCYTHE - Another crap. I would rather use Sacrifice.

Is it bad that I actually like using soul reaper's scythe on my wand? It's actually kinda fun to use against that massive clusterf*ck of mobs on the islands xD If you weren't lagging to hell and back from the 99999 billion mobs running at you, now you can throw on 999999 billion numbers above that 99999 billion mobs and get your lag that way.

Also, wands kinda have sh*tty AoE spells so I kinda use Soul Reaper's Scythe as one. Like other than Frost Glaive and possibly Dark Pillar, wands don't really have any good ranged AoE abilities...

Sorry if I insulted you with that. The skill is still not good for me at least.
Speaking of wand aoe, Earth Glaive is quite good too. Especially on the islands since most of mobs there gonna go Kamikaze anyway
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Re: How to be a WINNER at this game!

Postby Khaos Muffins » 14 Aug 2016, 05:10

Let me do the guides and sarcasm. Although I WILL incorporate all opinions as I dont have any testing accounts to use (anymore) for other weapons.
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Re: How to be a WINNER at this game!

Postby Dark Deceiver » 03 Apr 2017, 21:12

As someone who DOES use Sword, this guide is 100% accurate and everyone should follow it!

The part about screaming "Bankai!" (or just screaming incoherently) is especially true, and increases your effectiveness by 2%. I recommend actually screaming it, or typing it out.

Khaos Muffins wrote:Will continue later...

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