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lv 53 every thing sucks

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lv 53 every thing sucks

Postby cagethelonewolf » 19 Oct 2016, 23:45

i dont know why but im lev 53 fighting odin but every thing i get just sucks and becuase im playing on xbox no daily rewards so no gatcha tickits all my wep kinda are bad they say they do like 310-400 but it never hits that high it hits for 76 and 100 no madder how much i dunk and dive i cant beat odin theres just to much and he jumps at you so bows are out its like i dint do any side quest at all but they dont madder because most of them only give out tiny xp so whats the point its like this game just filped i was good on pc and xbox till i lev up then stuff just started going down hill and trying to add new skills to swords just ruins them some times
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Re: lv 53 every thing sucks

Postby LtSnowy » 27 Jan 2018, 21:22

Can you post a list of your current weaponry (plus skills and enhancement levels), and magatama?
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Re: lv 53 every thing sucks

Postby Fafhred » 15 May 2018, 00:49

One important thing you probably missed: Odin is hard to beat at this level, unless you already have a partner from the 'Special' tab, and use it in Vanguard mode to kill Odin.

You get access to a mission each to get Izuma and Gennai once you cleared Kyoto's part of the main story, you only need to have beaten Odin once for that even if you did not do well.
You can also currently get one from the one-off even for this mount, AND Hound Dog mount from the Redux event; you can use both Special and Mount simultaneously, and the mount actually fight as well, so that will also make Odin easier to beat.

If you need help to get the mount, ask someone to help; I have not tried, but I do not thing that the 2 dungeons required are solo only (someone else replies if I am wrong on that, please).

As for getting better weapon, just farm any of the dungeons at the highest map you can beat, until a good one drops, simple as that...
Highest attacks is not automatically the best weapon, what skills are on the weapon matter a lot.
To beat Gennai's lab, for instance, you will want to use a range weapon even if you do not usually use one (to 1-shot the 2 Kameras early on, and to keep Gennai alive until the bosses room); that means having a long range attack skill with high damage.
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