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Onigiri 2? + Dayum Tempura ♥u♥

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Onigiri 2? + Dayum Tempura ♥u♥

Postby ZhaoYun » 20 Nov 2013, 21:51

Holy cannoly Onigiri 2?! #TheWebOfInterNeedsToMakeAWayOfPortrayingTheToneOfSarcasm The game looks similar though, but of course it would since the 3D Chameleon engine that I theorize both games use makes both Onigiri and Bella online look so similar that they're practically the same game except with different skins of skill animations, items, etc.

Omaigawsh Tempura ish so Kawaii~! -InsertStereoTypicalJapaneseFangirlSquealHere- But in all seriousness I'd want a little junk from that hunk o.<
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Re: Onigiri 2? + Dayum Tempura ♥u♥

Postby Deuce » 05 Jun 2014, 09:38

Onigiri 6!!!!!
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Re: Onigiri 2? + Dayum Tempura ♥u♥

Postby Silveryshine » 06 Jun 2014, 16:51

The above link one is chinese.

U know, chinese companies do ripoff everything. They're copycats XP
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