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WoW was the first MMO

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WoW was the first MMO

Postby Karasuki » 01 Aug 2014, 18:51

WoW was the first MMO.
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WoW was the first MMO
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Re: WoW was the first MMO

Postby Deathy » 01 Aug 2014, 23:35

Actually the 1st MMO was call MUD (Multi-user dungeons). and these was way before WoW, infact Never Winter had mmo way before WoW, cause in 1991, that when Warcraft, human vs orc's was just starting up.

Maze something was to be the 1st in like 1970ish.... as for the 1st really rpg, was like "Island of ..." I forget it was strange name honestly - and that was the 1st game to use real time, and had thousand of players way before the internet was even easy to attain (you had to have a phone plug into your computer and you couldn't use the net and phone same time).

But newer generation might not even heard of these stuff and assume WoW was the 1st of it kind. and Sadly WoW took.

Heck Runescape was an MMO, way before WoW came out.

Just the food for thought before claiming something.
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Re: WoW was the first MMO

Postby Dispel » 02 Aug 2014, 16:18

Indeed there was many MMO's before WoW and not just rpgs.
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Re: WoW was the first MMO

Postby Kaoru » 04 Aug 2014, 10:20

0/10, go try trolling someone on /v/.
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Re: WoW was the first MMO

Postby Hercules » 05 Aug 2014, 23:34

Life is/was the first MMO. With a current player base of over 6Billion+ itis the hugest MMO today.
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