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Any Canadians studying in coll here?

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Any Canadians studying in coll here?

Postby Delacroix » 05 Aug 2014, 21:20

Well that was pretty specific wasn't it? The reason being I have enrolled in a competition that requires me to develop a marketing strategy for promotion of Canada as a place for higher education and research. I thought i'd communication with the people of the nationality to get some insight into this. If I get to win this, I'd personally fly over (since that is part of the reward) and meet you xD. Even if I don't I'll take this as an opportunity to learn more about other countries. Thank you in advance!!
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Re: Any Canadians studying in coll here?

Postby SupremeTentacle » 10 Aug 2014, 07:37


Well, university, but whatevs.
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