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Bringing Back My Fan Project

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Bringing Back My Fan Project

Postby NiuWang » 15 Jun 2015, 22:25

If you didn't know me before I was the guy who was making a fan forum. I shut the project down due to lack of time availability and help to get things going.
Lately I've been sitting at home bored, and I'm thinking of bringing back the project, just I'll need a few people who are familiar with any image manipulation software, PHP5, CSS3, and HTML.

I've got the system set up, I just need people to help design and brand it.
The reason I ask for people familiar with coding is for bugfixing, since I'm not available all the time.

Things that need fixing

Avatar Uploading - Users are currently able to upload files for avatars but its not displaying on the site. Chances are it's probably an extension issue server side. Still waiting on a response from my webhost.

User Messaging - Users are able to send and receive private messages, no subjects required. The issue is that it sits on 'Submitting..' forever. Works if I manually insert the data in the database, but that's a pain in the arse.

I've got a few friends from some chat sites helping me find bugs, but I'll need a few administrators. Those buddies of mine know nothing about programming which is why I'm hoping someone here does. I'm using an older framework and might convert it to the latest version, but the issue with that is rewriting the whole code from scratch.
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Re: Bringing Back My Fan Project

Postby spg123 » 30 Jul 2015, 17:58

So wait you ar trying to start a fan forum? Why not find some free hosting and start a Phpbb, SMS, IPB, vbulletin forum it would be way easier then trying to code your own forum software. I see thisforum uses phpbb. I made many forums and been doin photoshop for a few years now its pretty easy just time consuming :P
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