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A thing.

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A thing.

Postby TheonlyDaichi » 15 Feb 2017, 19:46

Hi. I have zero clue as to where to post this, so I'm posting it here. Best fit, in my brain.

I started a guild not-so recently, and recently extended it into other games, rather than just one single game. This game was one of the ones it was extended into. There's no special requirements, no "Minimum Level" crap to be worried about. I won't be posting the link here (For good reason), so if you're interested, shoot me a PM.

No, there is no required tag.

The chat, as a warning, is currently dead, due to the lack of members. However, I hope it gains life after more people join. I do request that you PM me, however, and tell me what game you are from, so I can give you the proper rank.

Thanks much.

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