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Please take this seriously CyberStep (Onigiri Online Steam)

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Please take this seriously CyberStep (Onigiri Online Steam)

Postby Sheiko » 08 Apr 2023, 05:23

The monthly reward from an achievement called Monthly Complete that gives us Radiant Basket needs to be changed.

Please CyberStep....
Take this seriously, I have been playing Onigiri Online since 2014 and when I look at the reward, the first thing that came to mind was;
"This is stupid, is this really what we get after login non-stop for 25 days?"
I have no problems with the Gacha Ticket x10 & 300 OC Coins(Limited Use) but the other is gonna make them quit when they are disappointed due to receiving the other 3 Articles of Scrap.
"You need like 15 of this SCRAP, like seriously???"
"Will I even be able to collect them before you know what.." :cry:

Back in the days, I was happy supporting the community and helping newbies so that they won't leave this game but, this takes the cakes for most player after they get the most useless reward that they will never be able to use...

Ya don't believe me that I played your games since the start of Onigiri Online dear CyberStep?
I was also the most frequent Onigiri Coins buyer back then until you decide to abandon us from Onigiri Online US PC/Windows.

Radiant Basket:
Use this item to obtain one of the following items.
Content List
> Articles of Awakening Scrap - Vanguard (USELESS makes disappointed people quit)
> Articles of Awakening Scrap - Mount (USELESS makes disappointed people quit)
> Articles of Awakening Scrap - Assist Character (USELESS makes disappointed people quit)
> 300 OC Coin
> Gacha Ticket x10

Please change this or make this 3 rewards to something like...
more rewarding for players after 1 month to keep them on being more positive on this game.
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Re: Please take this seriously CyberStep (Onigiri Online Ste

Postby Soranai Prime » 14 Oct 2023, 13:03

While I understand this sentiment, and can see the point when it comes to new players, for myself as a long-time player I 100% disagree.
For me, the 300 OC and the 10 Gacha tickets are the disappointing rewards, while I desperately wish for the Articles of Awakening Scraps.
Being that it's a reward for consistent, long-term gameplay, it makes sense to have prizes that feed towards long-term goals, which is what the Articles of Awakening Scraps are.
Just my 2 cents.
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