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The Launcher Won't Load!!

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The Launcher Won't Load!!

Postby Kage Osawa » 26 Jan 2018, 18:19

Can anyone help me? Every time I load up the launcher it starts loading but stops at 3% and then says "Update failed. Please restart the game." SOOO I did this a couple of times but it still didn't work. I even tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the game but it had the same outcome. :cry: :cry: :cry:
Kage Osawa
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Re: The Launcher Won't Load!!

Postby Riddras » 26 Jan 2018, 20:48

Takoyaki (Admin) wrote:If you cannot access the buttons or play the game properly due to the screen resolution being too large, please navigate and delete the temporary files in the folder located at:

USERNAME would be replaced with the name of the account you are logged in with. If you cannot see the AppData folder, please look into how to "Enable hidden files" for Windows.

Once the folder's content been deleted, please restart your client and the screen resolution should return to its default size. Please note this method resets all other settings on your game client such as graphic and audio settings, as well as your saved username and password.

We hope this fixes your issue and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

This seems to be the answer for several issues with the game. Some players even make clean re-installs afterwards.
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