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Server down ?

PostPosted: 06 Apr 2018, 20:54
by Fafhred
I was disconnected with a time out message about 30 minutes ago, now.

Since then, logging back in has been impossible; this is not my connection, the first thing I checked is connectivity to various sites, which has not been affected.
I also tried restarting the game client; the launcher takes an abnormally long time to reach the login front-end (actually timed out once before successfully loading it).

All login attempts failed so far since then.

Login just worked again (once) after around 40 minutes since the game went offline for me.
However it did not get past the character selection screen (click on 'Start game' resulted in an error pop-up: ERR_00010 Disconnected from the server.); back in the previous situation of login failing.

2nd update:
Coming back nearly 10 hours later, the game seem to be working again; I still would like to get an explanation (I did make a ticket when this started, but my experience on the few tickets I made so far with this game was that all of them got the same pasted answer slapped onto them after a few days wait, entirely irrelevant to the ticket in at least 1 case, so I do not expect that tickets are actually read here).

Final update, 2 days later:
I eventually received some answer to my ticket on this issue; as expected (rather than hoped) by extrapolation of the absence of quality of the answers to my few previous tickets, the answer to that one was both irrelevant and useless.