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onigiri.exe has stopped working Help please

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onigiri.exe has stopped working Help please

Postby Himie » 14 Jun 2018, 13:24

Hey people ok i need a little assistance from someone anyone for that fact now im not great with computers im no pro at it but i come here since i didnt know where else to turn...

Ok so i downloaded onigiri late last night and this morning the game was working perfectly the update is still downloading and sitting at 80% i could still play it up untill a few hours ago when i tried to get into my game and click on mycharacter i got to that point and the " onigiri.exe has stopped working" appeared on my screen i tried all sorts of different things on my computer but to no aveil did it let me back on. i dont know if im spose to wait until the update is finished downloading on my pc or is it something wrong or missing with my pc

if anyone can help id apreciate it alot ( excuse the poor spelling)

ive tried loads of different things like making sure it matched with my pc spec before playing so i'd appreiciate the help
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