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Can't get Full screen in PC version

PostPosted: 19 Dec 2018, 16:53
by Michael Eh?
Since the December 18th update, the PC version on my computer won't got full screen but locked in Windowed version. Even in settings I can't even select full screen. Any ideas?

Re: Can't get Full screen in PC version

PostPosted: 20 Dec 2018, 05:26
by Fafhred
Very old issue, has to do with Windows 10 drivers working in a different way from previous Windows versions.
There are older threads on this topic, and I mentioned it on my recent post at viewtopic.php?f=10&t=13376

It more likely happened for you following one of the 2 recent Windows updates, and as time goes, lore and more computers under Windows 10 will be unable to get in full screen mode (grayed option from then on).
So far Cyberstep has simply ignored this issue.

As for me, I am still trying to get the latest game update to load, last time I tried it stopped at 92%, then so far the launcher refuses to start any more (closes immediately), even after a cold boot. NOT going to reinstall again (not the first time it was the ONLY way to work around a crappy game update).