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Maintenance issues?

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Maintenance issues?

Postby Fafhred » 15 Jan 2019, 03:11

It is now way past the expected maintenance time (it should now be 02:23 AM PST according to my time converter at
Game still 'under maintenance, no patch available to download yet, and no information update at
Some update from Cyberstep would be appreciated, if they ever read this...

- no change an hour later, this is now eating in my prime time for online games...
- another 2 hours later; it is now 05:12 PST according to my time converter, making it over 8 hours since the scheduled time for the start of the maintenance; still no update info on the website, and game still offline. The only difference is that now, the launcher will not even start if I try it (task pending in Task Manager, but neither launch/load screen nor error pop-up).
- I tried last another hour and half later, at which point it eventually worked; however, when trying to update this post at the time, the forum systematically logged me off when I tried to go to the 'Help & Support' section... (tried 4 times login again and trying again).
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Re: Maintenance issues?

Postby Riddras » 04 Feb 2019, 17:06

Last week's one was pretty bad and made me miss the login bonus =/ I hope we get something good for compensation.
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