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S> Spark Recipes and Magatamas

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S> Spark Recipes and Magatamas

Postby Miyano311 » 17 Oct 2017, 07:15

Selling Five Tail Dragon Sotiras - Spark and Five Tail Dragon Mentore - Spark, 30 oc each. Also sell Thunder Quake Magatama (52 chakra, crit +8, Rain +23, 100 oc), Log Magatama (clean), Usugetsu Magatama (clean), Fake Staff Magatama (clean) (the rest are min).
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Re: S> Spark Recipes and Magatamas

Postby mazi_21 » 23 Dec 2018, 08:56

You still selling Spark Sotiras?
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Re: S> Spark Recipes and Magatamas

Postby Riddras » 25 Dec 2018, 20:18

Considering that's a post from last year, probably not. I could be wrong, and he might still have it in storage.

Maybe someone else here has it for sale?
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