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Gargoyle Materials

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Gargoyle Materials

Postby TheonlyDaichi » 02 Jun 2016, 07:54

So, dunno if anyone needs or actually wants these, but I'd figure I'd post about them.

GARGOYLE MATERIALS! They hate me, so the gave me more of one than I need. >.> Y'all want 'em, they're 20 OC for one.

LevinLance Scale - 3x

SleetSword Shell - 4x

SleetSword Scale - 1x

Infernal Scale - 7x (Yes the Infernal was a jerk and gave me so many of these ;-;)

Grey Apple - x1 (30 OC min here)

Reversed Compass - x2 (30 OC min, this is BS >.> Sorry!)

There ya go. You want some, leave a reply on where to find you. All prices are Minimum.
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