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HUGE mag sale, rare mats as well.

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HUGE mag sale, rare mats as well.

Postby JermzTheLion » 06 Jun 2016, 08:48

What's going on guys, I have a bunch of Magatamas and rare crafting material for sale. All my prices are min! My IGN is: Sho Ryuken, feel free to send me a whisper if you're interested in anything. Now, heres what I have:


Wadatsumi Mag (Rank 3+ Axe skill force +68%, run/atk speed -5) 23oc
Nisshoku Mag (Rank 5+ Axe skill force +42%) 35oc
Gokuraku Mag (Rank 7+ Axe skill force +71%) 33oc
Neppa Mag (Rank 10+ Axe skill force +70%) 34oc

Tasogare Mag (Rank 2+ Odachi skill force +24%) 4oc
Dusk Mag (Rank 6+ Odachi skill force +47%) 19oc
Shinonome Mag (Rank 7+ Odachi skill force +54%) 21oc
Reimei Mag (Rank 8+ Odachi skill force +72%) 29oc
Kawatere Mag (Rank 9+ Odachi skill force +62%) 38oc
Hakubo Mag (Rank 10+ Odachi skill force +85%) 34oc

Asougi Mag (Rank 3+ Sword skill force +31%) 4oc
Amara Mag (Rank 6+ Sword skill force +50%) 15oc

Lord Renge Mag (Rank 4+ Wand skill force +45%) 39oc
Lord Enma Mag (Rank 6+ Wand skill force +52%) 15oc
Lord Taizan Mag (Rank 10+ Wand skill force +59%) 23oc

Taisai Mag (Rank 2+ General skill force +22%) 38oc
Hyoubi Mag (Rank 6+ General skill force +30%) 39oc

Kojyuurou Mag (Crit +4, lightening element +13)
Tadakatsu Mag (Crit +11, poison element -7)
Nagayoshi Mag (if POW under 23, Crit +17) 40oc
Horse's Mag (if using staff, Cooldown cut +17) 28oc
Northwest Mag (Cooldown cut +20, Max Hp +48%) 36oc

Cursed Blood - 30oc
Lively Bulb - 30oc
Embroidered Cushion - 30oc
Lightning Rod - 30oc
Nyuudou Rosary - 30oc

I also have affinity mags, feel free to message me in game or leave a comment here. Thanks for looking!
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