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Guild Nyan Nyan NightClub!

Looking for a static farming group? Need help clearing a story quest? Make plans with other players here!

Guild Nyan Nyan NightClub!

Postby CweO N Milk » 30 Jul 2014, 00:19

Looking for friends to start a small Guild. This is going to be an official Guild which I plan on taking good care of at the moment.

Current Stats : Level 84 - IGN - CWeO N Milk

It will mainly be dedicated to having a medium sized group of friends 15-40 players that will always be there for each other to help. At the moment I wish to start off strong so I'm looking for the members to consist of these statistics.

70+ Players : 5-10
Support players 50+ : 5+
Item Collectors : 3+ ( People who just like doing lots of different duns for specific crafting items) Doesnt have to be all you do just something you are knowledgeable of.
Newbies : 10+ -Anyone wanting to learn the game more and get involved with some more experienced players.

I am a very casual player, I spend a lot in my honest opinion on the game. Though I don't like being competitive in any sense. I enjoy helping people and anime. I've been in the US military for a year and that's it. <3

Application - Simply fill it out in a reply on the forum, send it to me via forum private message, or whisper me in game.

Level + Character Type
Why you started playing Onigiri
Favorite Anime - If nonapplicable, would you ever watch anime
Favorite Partner
Expectations and Reasons for wanting to join.
A little about yourself.

These can all be short and sweet. I just want to get to know everyone a little before making this group. Afterwards I will try creating some sort of page for us. Maybe a web page, not entirely sure. I don't have much experience w/ stuff like that.

Guild Name (subject to name change) <--- Stiens;Gate reference for those who didnt catch it
Nyan Nyan Nightclub <--Reason for name, a nickname I was given in game was kitty and I work nights so you'll see me on at strange times if you live in the US.

Nyan Nyan NightClub
Members: 12/30
CWeO N Milk (Club Founder) 82
Lasciel 68
Francoise 58
Heimarmene 59
Kelgis 72
Eihwaz 81
Akuii 75
Rixtin 80
Haikizoku 30
Akara 61
Kitsuki 74
Chifuyu 77
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Re: Guild

Postby Witchcraft » 30 Jul 2014, 01:04

IGN - Witchcraft

Level + Character Type - 59 / Support (Wis/MND Build)

Why did you join Onigiri? - I left Black Gold online because I was a guildleader and people were buttfaces from other guilds so I gave up my leadership then I joined up on here with an officer from my guild haha.

Favorite Anime -
Negima! It's the only anime I've watched the whole way through. Oh yeah and FMA, lmao.

Favorite Partner - Miroku.. he's so sexay

Expectations and Reasons for wanting to join. - I like joining communities and finding new peeps to chat with. I'll help with grinding groups or help people further their main quests and such :3

A little about yourself. - I'm a cool dude that plays games and likes to mage. Um, I play as often as I can but I'm not a hardcore player. I am nocturnal and I live in the US in EST, but I often stay up until like 6 am depending on my schedule the next day (I work in 3 hours yet I'm still waiting for this maintenance to end so I can play before work)
Yeh thats about it for right meow.
Onigiri IGN~
Witchcraft - lv 65 Wand/Staff
Dreamcat - lv 25 Bow
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Re: Guild

Postby CweO N Milk » 30 Jul 2014, 01:14

Perfect example of the sort of reply I was looking for, thank you very much for giving this thread a strong start. Two hours has passed so I'll be checking in to see if the servers are online.

Witchcraft: Accepted

P.S. On the off chance I ever deny anyone -thread gains too much activity or some other reason- I will still always accept friend requests and calls for help. <3
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Re: Guild Nyan Nyan NightClub!

Postby GasaiYuno » 30 Jul 2014, 03:14

IGN : Junko9710

Level / Character Type : 34 / Bow User (Daring)

Why did you join Onigiri? : well i've been a player on Cosmic Break (one of cyberstep's other games) for over 2 years, so when i saw that they announced Onigiri i decided to try it.

Favorite Anime : i dont really have a favorite since i like a lot and well 3 that i like are Ben-to, Gintama and Medaka Box (i dont want to put a lot)

Favorite Partner : Amateratsu

Expectations and Reasons for wanting to join. : well since i started playing the game i've been mostly alone (i haven't made a single friend yet D: ), so i want want to join to at least get to know more people.

A little about yourself. : im male and well i'm not a talkative person, i'm mostly playing games or watching anime (i dont actually go out much unless i have to), and i dont think there's much to say about me D:
Onigiri IGN: Junko9710
Cosmic Break IGN: GasaiYunoº
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Re: Guild Nyan Nyan NightClub!

Postby meep » 30 Jul 2014, 03:49

Meito: lv40 - Daring
Main weapon: Twin Blades

Found the game while checking up on cosmic break
Third person MMOs are my favourites
Used to play Tera but I don't have a powerful system enough for that anymore
Onigiri is turning out to be a great game for me though.

I don't really have a favourite anime
I like all of the best animated action ones though, Attack on Titan being a good example. Intense stuff.

Amaterasu is my favourite partner. Such a dear.

I have low expectations, but my main reason for applying is that playing an MMO alone gets old fast.

I like quiet and clean places, fun conversations, and positive people
Too many dislikes that are not worth listing but.. I have an intense phobia and irrational hate of flying insects that get in your face
Dragonflies are okay though. They seem to respect personal space somewhat
I'm pretty happy most of the time, life is okay, and I am open to making friends
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Re: Guild Nyan Nyan NightClub!

Postby Yomigami » 30 Jul 2014, 03:50

IGN: Yomigami

Level + Character Type: Daring (Dex and Mnd(when i level) currently at lvl 52

Why you started playing Onigiri: I was once playing RO2 NA but got bored then found this game through some advertisments on facebook :P

Favorite Anime : D-grayman,Kuroko no Basket,FMA,Hajime no Ippo and some of the Gundam series

Favorite Partner: Momotarou cuz he attacks so fast boss just cant get enuf :D

Expectations and Reasons for wanting to join: to make new friends to grind and hunt with and to troll with :D since i have no friends at my list atm :D and to learn more about this game

A little about yourself: shy, a little bit of talkative and fun :D
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Re: Guild Nyan Nyan NightClub!

Postby Kelgis » 30 Jul 2014, 08:39

IGN: Kelgis
Level + Character Type: Level 60, Daring (bow only)

Why you started playing Onigiri: Game looks fantastic, character designs are nice and simple which I really appreciate (so that costumes stand out more). The OST is also brilliant.

Favorite Anime - If nonapplicable, would you ever watch anime: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Favorite Partner: Amaterasu (strongest partner in-game)

Expectations and Reasons for wanting to join: There aren't many chat groups available to new people because most have been filled by players who started playing since release so it does get a bit quiet and lonely sometimes. A full on guild would be amazing especially in this MMO. I like to make friends where ever I go and even at level 60, it's pretty hard to make a genuine connection to other people because everyone's obsessed about levelling but a guild would be nice to arrange xp groups, dungeon run groups and item farming groups. \o/

A little about yourself: I like to play games. I believe in that life is all about the journey not the destination (never been much of a planner myself anyway). I live in the UK so my sleep time is your evening, my morning is your sleep time yada yada.
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Re: Guild Nyan Nyan NightClub!

Postby Drakanor Dream » 30 Jul 2014, 10:40

IGN Lillith Serenity
Level + Character Type- lvl 8 Twin Swords w/ Dex/Wis build (kinda started about 3 hours ago and have to get ready for class now)
Why you started playing Onigiri- saw an ad on
Favorite Anime - Elfen Lied
Favorite Partner I want to say the one with the blue skin but I do not have him yet.
Expectations and Reasons for wanting to join- The extent of my expectations would be having some people to talk to since I don't get out much. I do plan to be on a bit though.
A little about yourself- My mom said that raising me was like having to raise three separate kids at times. Am currently taking classes to be a Pharmacy Assistant though. I have also been told that I have a very Catboy-like personality.
Drakanor Dream
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Re: Guild Nyan Nyan NightClub!

Postby €ihwaz™ » 30 Jul 2014, 18:32

IGN - €ihwaz™

Level + Character Type - 80 / Defensive

Why you started playing Onigiri - I couldn't resist when I saw Amaterasu (loli justice!) in one of those Onigiri ads at an anime site.

Favourite Anime - Shakugan no Shana

Favourite Partner - Amaterasu

Expectations and Reasons for wanting to join - I just want to involve myself with more communities and try to help those in need~

A little about yourself - I live in Singapore (GMT+8). Plays League of Legends (SG/MY). Watches anime. But most importantly... LOLI IS JUSTICE, LOLI IS LIFE.
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Re: Guild Nyan Nyan NightClub!

Postby Franchi » 30 Jul 2014, 19:35

IGN - Francoise

Level + Character Type - 51 ~ Kind (Wand/staff)

Why you started playing Onigiri - ads keep poppin out of nowhere; facebook, youtube etc then decided to try it ou and see what the fuss is all bout, then suddenly fell in love w/ the weapon mechanics (v = w=)

Favorite Anime - mahouka kouko no rettousei or whatever its name is (v * q*)!

Favourite Partner - Ibaraki Douji (/ O wO)/ nyaa

Expectations and Reasons for wanting to join - havin someone to talk to sharin the same interests or whatnot is nice

A little about yourself - 25yrs old, from SEA(gmt+8) bein lazy is what i do best.. 1st man to ever step on a bigass horsefly or so i think(irl rofl), hates cats irl but likes em on animes(anime makes everythin look cute, them japs) dream is to do a tour around the world to taste all them beers.. (v * q*)>c[_]
(v O .O)/ well guess that's it
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