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Guild Nyan Nyan NightClub!

Looking for a static farming group? Need help clearing a story quest? Make plans with other players here!

Re: Guild Nyan Nyan NightClub!

Postby Odessa Aragon » 21 Aug 2014, 21:09

Angry boy. LeL~
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Odessa Aragon
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Re: Guild Nyan Nyan NightClub!

Postby CweO N Milk » 31 Aug 2014, 14:40

Sorry for the inactivity things had been picking up some speed for me in the navy. I should be back for the time being. <3
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CweO N Milk
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Re: Guild Nyan Nyan NightClub!

Postby Dudeguybrah » 04 Sep 2014, 20:53

IGN: Harroc

lvl 15 - Warrior Type, Tank build.

Why you started playing Onigiri: I saw an add while i was actually looking up some data on another game I play, so I decided to check it out and really like the game.

Favorite Anime - Gunslinger Girl, Trigun, DBZ, Sailor Moon, Gad Guard.... this list can go on forever i have to many i consider a favorite. xD

Favorite Partner: So far Yoshitsune

Expectations and Reasons for wanting to join. - Im looking for people to talk to, MMO's are pretty lame when you have no friends and are on yourself. Ill be leveling as I go and plan to play a lot.

A little about yourself. - Im a military veteran, did 5 years, deployed twice and have been out of the service for two years. I tend to be pretty outgoing with things but at times can be a stiffler for regulations/ rules. Uh, that aside I guess ive been playing MMO's since Ragnarok Online came out back in 2003 (might of been 2004.) I'm currently 24 years old (yes that means I joined the USARMY at 17.) As for anything else I don't mind telling, just ask.
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Re: Guild Nyan Nyan NightClub!

Postby Trynd » 07 Sep 2014, 03:55

IGN: Trynd

Level + Character Type: 42/Bow user, but I plan on switching to axe once I get to 49 or 50.

Why you started playing Onigiri: Because of the adds that I see on my browser. So I was like, "meh, let me try it then."

Favorite Anime: Most notably, Rurouni Kenshin.

Favorite Partner: I don't know. I usually solo. But if I were to pick, I'd choose Susanoo. Japanese god of war, and of the moon/night.

Expectations and Reasons for wanting to join: Being not in a guild when you're a gamer, is kinda uncalled. Although there are some players who can solo and stuff, I prefer them to join in a guild. Playing makes it more fun and enjoyable. Not to mention when you're one of those who likes to help people, or cooperate in some raid or operation. Then being in a guild is right for you, just like me, lol.

A little about yourself: Currently, I'm a working citizen. A junior accountant, who loves playing games as a free time and to relieve some of the stress (considering my job). I also like to participate in some of the guild/group events, even though I know that I won't do much, I still do what I can to not be a burden to everyone.
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Re: Guild Nyan Nyan NightClub!

Postby kagichi » 10 Sep 2014, 23:48

IGN - kagichi

Level + Character Type -73 / darring (pow/dex Build)

Why did you join Onigiri? - looked pretty fun from the ads and i just fell in love with all the characters voices and its fun hitting things.

Favorite Anime -little busters it made me feel emotions i haven't felt in a long time and thats good.

Favorite Partner -Yoshitsune she is just lovely

Expectations and Reasons for wanting to join. -I just want to have fun with everyone and everyone in he community seem realy awesome

A little about yourself:I leave my gender to your imagination so you can really call me whatever ya want i don't mind,its hard for me to sleep so im on pretty much all the time so count on me if ya need any help :D
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Re: Guild Nyan Nyan NightClub!

Postby NastuDrag » 14 Sep 2014, 21:57

IGN :NatsuDra
Level / Character Type : 100 spear user:defensive
Why you started playing Onigiri:i started because this the very first anime MMORPG and i love anime so that why. Find Onigiri on youtube ads
Favorite Anime - Fairytail,Akame ga kill,sword art online,one piece,dragon ball z,RWBY,Log horizon, I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying(funny)
Favorite Partner: Amateratsu because she cute and no one her true form
Expectations and Reasons for wanting to join.Blank
A little about yourself. Male love anime and video games and also i not very talkative person and getting my master's degree in game design(finsh)love to workout too
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Re: Guild Nyan Nyan NightClub!

Postby KitaSkycat » 22 Sep 2014, 15:00

IGN - KitaSkycat

Level + Character Type - 5 + defensive

Why did you join Onigiri? - For all the different character i can play with and partner up

Favorite Anime - Gintama good anime plus somehow able to get away with adding more anime in anime

Favorite Partner - Ibaraki - so much sake :3

Expectations and Reasons for wanting to join. - To be able to help level myself up and to do such for others

A little about yourself. - I am a female gamer that lives in Canada (pacific time) I current do not have a job so I am always online. will inform if i ever get one. I also enjoy talking on mic.
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Re: Guild Nyan Nyan NightClub!

Postby Trappi » 11 Oct 2014, 02:33

IGN: Solarys

Level + Character Type:
lvl 49
Kind type: Primarily stat Wis, since I'm a wand user, 40+ Mind for the rank4 support staff skills
(goal is to have at least 80 Mind after maxed out my Wisdom, regarding Wand Affinity, the rest of the points will go into Vitality)

Why you started playing Onigiri:
Checked it out when the Alpha Test was announced back in CosmicBreak (yup, veteran CB player too), and got to love it, and waited almost 2 year to finally play it in english :roll:

Favorite Anime:
Since watched countless series and movies, is hard to pick one, but the one I rewatched many times, and was the one who hooked me in the anime world was Elfen Lied
(but generally love the ones with some deeper thoughts, like Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Favorite Partner: Ibaraki Douji (for her reactions, and comments on everything in-game)

Expectations and Reasons for wanting to join:
Find people to chat, and run dungeons with ... kinda boring playing Onigiri like a single player game ....

A little about yourself:
I'm a pretty casual player, mostly playing a hour a day, or even less, due to overwork at my workplace.
As my personality? You can say I'm a little sarcastic, but probably due to my age, always calm.
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Re: Guild Nyan Nyan NightClub!

Postby Miname Risa! ^_^ » 14 Oct 2014, 01:49

IGN - Miname Risa

Level + Character Type - 71 / Kind (full MND Build & a little Wis)

Why did you join Onigiri? - he hee! I dont know! This game Looked Intersting, I clicked! & woa! I'm in love with it!!

Favorite Anime - umm, Lets see......... I'm a huge fan of Fairy tail! & i love anime as long as its not being too dramatic or boring! You can say i'm not that a very big of a fan! But i love them!

Favorite Partner - Miroku & Susanoo! >.< Not telling the reason!!! >.<

Expectations and Reasons for wanting to join. - its been like 5 or 6 weeks since i've joined onigiri! & i've come across a lots of Kind players who helped me through this game & made me a lvl 70! I feel like i should do the same, I like helping others, & i think a guild will be a great way to make friends & for the fun! ahh....I cant even express what I'm trying to say! :lol:

A little about Myself. - Errm..lets see.......! I'm kind of annoying Cause I'm noisy >.< ! I'm a girl & this is my first 'Ever' Online game! So i sometimes Freak out when some unexpected situation occurs!! lol !! I'm still in high school, so I have the "duty of a student" Thats why i'm not a hardcore player! Oh BTW, I'm from South Asia & i'm veryyyy verryyy lonely! -_- Cause nobody in my country plays this game! ha ha! its not the fact! I have tons of good friends here! :P & i want more!
Miname Risa! ^_^
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Re: Guild Nyan Nyan NightClub!

Postby SolidJager » 15 Oct 2014, 22:35

IGN- SolidJager or JagerXIII
Level + Character Type - havent decided on what im going to be
Why you started playing Onigiri- I saw a vid for it over on youtube i watched a review of it and i thought it would be worth a try.
Favorite Anime - If nonapplicable, would you ever watch anime- i have alot of fav anime but i will say my top three. Gundam (00,Wing,G-Gundam,8th MS Team,Seed),Zoids (all except for the newer ones), and Outlaw Star (i miss that Anime so much)
Favorite Partner- Ibaraki Douji and Kaguya
Expectations and Reasons for wanting to join.- i was looking for a nice casual guild to get into cause i do get lonely from time to time questing all alone and i tend to be a night owl so some company wouldnt be too bad and having some people to talk to and maybe help me with the game would be nice to. (also if you have Teamspeak or something like that then thats a plus)
A little about yourself. - Well not much to say about me really. (too shy to say much but once you get to know me i might tell you more)
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