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Guild Nyan Nyan NightClub!

Looking for a static farming group? Need help clearing a story quest? Make plans with other players here!

Re: Guild Nyan Nyan NightClub!

Postby Musa96 » 12 Jun 2015, 06:47

it is a nice idea indeed that makes people enjoy the game more..... so let me introduce my self my self

IGN Yellow Flash

Level+ Character Type: i'm lvl 31 now i don't know about types since i mad the character long long ago

Why you started playing Onigiri:it was a boring day so i said let's check some games i found out that there is a new game called onigiri is about to launch...... so the story started.....

Favoite Anime: you know this is impossible right? each one is different......if you want some good anime :D i can always help you

Favorite Partner:Yoshitsune

Expectations and Reasons for wanting to join:i want to become stronger and have more friends and have fun


something about myself!..... let's see my name is musa i'm from libya is started playing the game from the first day but i stopped and now i'm BACK!
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Re: Guild Nyan Nyan NightClub!

Postby MadaoSenshi » 01 Sep 2015, 19:14

IGN - Oliver Riu (yes it has a space)

Level + Character Type - 26-27 forgot / weapon has no decided yet (DEX/POW Build)

Why did you join Onigiri? - Watched a gameplay of The anime man and i wanted to play. i use to play.. well a game i was a vice leader i had it all friends, powerful skills.. but i lost it all does to my foolishness. If i have the luck of joining the Nyan Nyan NightClub i won't let our bond be broken like the last. Never again will i repeat the same as before. all the showers i've had when i cryed :( (JK did not cry but was sad)

Favorite Anime - Oh shit this is too Hard to say.... there all ways new anime and i am constantly changing how i feel towards them
if i had to say it would be Gintama cause it never stops making me laugh

Favorite Partner - Ibaraki Douji She's the first Cat girl character I've seen. plus i like Sake in real life (not just Japanese, Plus i am not a hardcore drinker i think that alcohol should be drank as a luxury just as Tea)

Expectations and Reasons for wanting to join. - I am looking for a home. people to chat with. I can help with grinding groups or help people or their main quests.

A little about yourself. - I'm look to achieve Hentai master 9999 but sadly i am far away and i need more training. Everyday when i wake up and look at the broken mirror with my scouter on i see that ... Hentai power = 1000 sadly that is only the Hentai power of my reflection in the mirror. I soon realize that it was not the mirror that is broken it was my scouter.
NO! it was i that was broken my mind was revolving around the Hentai Master thing that i myself, my mind broke.
..........I...i . I Was A Madao !!!

welp thx and sorry to you guys if you read that shity skit i wrote for my Otaku midlife Crisis. well i should say Hentai Crisis but...
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Re: Guild Nyan Nyan NightClub!

Postby Hassi_98 » 12 Oct 2015, 13:43

is there any chance ...any chance what so ever............. u guys still recruiting members for your guild
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Re: Guild Nyan Nyan NightClub!

Postby Firon » 12 Oct 2015, 22:33

Hassi_98 wrote:is there any chance ...any chance what so ever............. u guys still recruiting members for your guild

Confirmed dead since last year.
IGN: Firon - TS (PC)
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