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Global mumble chat

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Global mumble chat

Postby Circeah » 21 Nov 2014, 02:38

Hi guys,

Since I found this game and it's community pretty nice, I will create a mumble server in order to gather everyone. It should be up tomorow (i'll edit this post to add the address, and a tutorial "how to use mumble") .

Of course, everyone is welcome.

I will probably create, a website with some cool features at a later date too.

I hope you will enjoy this. See you later, cheers from france.

Edit :
The mumble server is up !
You can access it with a mumble client app (
For those who wonders "what is mumble ?", in short mumble allow you to chat with others in various channels, you can write or talk there.

How to setup the client /connect to the server ?
You can follow this video tutorial : ... le-server/

The information you'll need :
server address :
server port : 64738
server password : (what is the name of the game you're playing ?)
Choosing the username is up to you ;)

Hope you guys will find this server usefull, and remeber everyone is welcome ;)

ps : for guildleaders or chatgroup owner, you can pm me on this forum if you want private channels with password, just give me a channel name, and a password to set.
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