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Does anyone group anymore

Looking for a static farming group? Need help clearing a story quest? Make plans with other players here!

Re: Does anyone group anymore

Postby HelixDraxzonyx » 12 Jul 2015, 13:50

So far I've only joined parties when fighting Field Bosses. Twice for the Level 30 Nurikabe, and once for the Level 40 Yagyo-san. If you catch me at the right time, I'll party with you for clearing dungeons or whatever. I'm pretty available until July 19th, so if you're interested drop me a line here. Might be easier to do that than find me in game since I run five characters.
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Re: Does anyone group anymore

Postby reyn » 22 Jul 2015, 14:16

:cry: US server always time out my laptop
and super lag to help me pls. (my wifi is very good -signal)
help me to lvl up pls) :(
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