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Recruiting lv50+ for leveling group

Looking for a static farming group? Need help clearing a story quest? Make plans with other players here!

Recruiting lv50+ for leveling group

Postby meep » 23 Apr 2015, 00:31

Looking for people around level 50 and living in a time zone around GMT +9. Doesn't have to be exactly GMT+9, as long as it's not a huge time difference.
As the title says, it'll be a group for leveling up together.
A family atmosphere is not strictly required. We can be friends with benefits. Or we can be just friends. Or maybe I can just forever loner 4eva cause no one joins. It's cool I can handle that.

Group name is as of yet undecided. I am considering "LvlBroz4Lyf" and variations of that.
Suggestions are welcome so leave a post, thanks.
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