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PostPosted: 20 Jul 2017, 10:23
by hello --
Im lwl 50 and still learning the game and is there someone who can help me lwl up? Im lwl 50 but I cant do high lwl dungeons because my weapon is not good so if somenone comes with me I can find better weapons and play better(sory if I made writing mistakes Im still learnin english :oops: )

Re: Help?

PostPosted: 20 Jul 2017, 18:02
by Miyano311

You can lvl up easily by running exp ticket dungeon (access via Chifuri in Onigashima). If you cant see her, go to Temporal Rift and complete all 3 Chifuri quests there. They are all available after you finish Kishinden.

If you somehow see me in-game, pm me and I'll consider providing help.