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4/17 Update Contents

Official announcements from the Onigiri Service Team will be posted here.

4/17 Update Contents

Postby Takoyaki » 17 Apr 2018, 01:22

Greetings from the Onigiri Management Team,

Today's update contents are as follows. We will be releasing a special Kintoki Redux event for you to challenge!

Update Contents

You can start this redux event by talking to the Gold Daruma that has appeared next to Kintoki in Onigashima and entering the available dungeons from the list.


Golden Caverns and Golden Caverns - Party Explanation

We are introducing 2 new dungeons: Golden Caverns which challenged solo with the player playing as Kintoki, and Golden Caverns - Yue which can be challenged as a party.

- Drop Rate and clear bonuses will be the same in both of them.
- Everything besides the weapons you can equip will have a fixed status while doing party dungeons.
- Depending on the day, the drops and obtainable items will change.
- Each dungeon drop and clear reward has been adjusted in this redux event.

The movement speed has been increased in the Golden Caverns Yue, Oto, Nami, and Aya.

Dungeon Release Schedule (click to enlarge)


New Obtainable Items:
- Gold Fig
- Gold Tangerine
- Gold Yamomo
- Platinum Pomegranate
- Fusion Bear Magatama Gold
- Fusion Bear Magatama Gold Recipe (possible to sell in stalls)
- Fusion Bear Magatama Recipe (possible to sell in stalls)

It is also possible to sell the Brown Bear Magatama in the stalls as well!

In the stalls, the lowest price that the following items can be set for has been lowered:
- Gold Strawberry
- Gold Akebia
- Gold Quince
- Gold Acorn


About the Dungeon Clear Reward
- If you have Kintoki and/or Ifrit as a partner, there will be a bonus on your clear rewards for the Golden Caverns! Your clear rank does not affect this bonus, nor will the unlocked partners of your party members.
- The bonus is not a fixed number, and those who have unlocked Kintoki as a partner will have an easier time obtaioning large bonuses.
- The clear reward bonus will display as +00 so players can see it.

Note: The newly introduced items (Gold Fig, Gold Tangerine, Gold Yamomo, Platinum Pomegranate) will not receive a clear bonus.

You can use these obtainable materials to forge useful Magatama, so please take advantage of this event!

Event Deadline
4/19 (Thursday) - 5/03 (Thursday)

Ibaraki-douji's Present Login Calendar

For a limited time players will be receiving a special login bonus from Ibaraki-douji. By logging in you can obtain the present as part of a new login calendar. The contents of each day are as follows:

Day 1
Item 1: Torn Piece of SP Gacha Ticket x1
Item 2: Smelting Reset Button A x1
Item 3: 10 Onigiri Coins

Day 2
Item 1: Torn Piece of SP Gacha Ticket x3
Item 2: Smelting Reset Button A x2
Item 3: 10 Onigiri Coins

Day 3
Item 1: Torn Piece of SP Gacha Ticket x5
Item 2: Smelting Reset Button A x3
Item 3: 20 Onigiri Coins

Day 4
Item 1: Torn Piece of SP Gacha Ticket x10
Item 2: Smelting Reset Button A x5
Item 3: 20 Onigiri Coins

Day 5
Item 1: Torn Piece of SP Gacha Ticket x15
Item 2: Smelting Reset Button A x10
Item 3: 30 Onigiri Coins

Day 6
Item 1: Torn Piece of SP Gacha Ticket x20
Item 2: Smelting Reset Button A x15
Item 3: 30 Onigiri Coins

Day 7
Item 1: Torn Piece of SP Gacha Ticket x25
Item 2: Smelting Reset Button A x30
Item 3: 80 Onigiri Coins

*This bonus login calendar will begin on April 18th 12am PST (1am PDT) and end on April 25th at 23:59pm.
*If you miss one day you will start from day 1 again the next time you log in.


We are re-introducing both Kintoki and Ifrit with an increased win rate to the Limited Nyankorpon in honor of the redux event!

The Unit 1 of the normal gacha has also changed so Kintoki, Ifrit, Gawain, and all of the Cosmic League characters have been added to the platinum tier with a regular win rate as well!


Limited Gacha Conditions:

- Limited Nyankoropons may only be spun with bought Onigiri Coins.
- Premium Nyankoropons may only be spun with Premium Gacha Tickets.
- ALL prizes in Limited Nyankoropons have a Yorozu Limited Ticket attached.*
- Legendary Nyankoropon can only be spun with a Legendary Gacha Ticket.
- Units 1-2 are available until 4/30.

*75 Yorozu Limited Tickets can be exchanged for a Legendary Gacha Ticket.



- The Shining Sakura Idol event has now ended, but the exchange shop is available one more week until 4/23! Please be aware that this means you can no longer use your Shining Sakura Gacha Tickets and they will be removed from the game during next week's maintenance!


- We have an amazing new OC campaign. For all the details please read this post.


- Don't forget that we have idol outfits for certain partners that may give them new skills! They are currently available in the Yorozu Exchange.

Closing Events

- The Valentine's Day and Shining Sakura Idol Event has now ended. All related achievements and NPCs have been removed.
- The Bazaar Campaign has now ended.
- Ono no Komachi has now been removed from the Nyankoropon.


We thank you for your continued support,

-- The Onigiri Team
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