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5/1 Update Contents

Official announcements from the Onigiri Service Team will be posted here.

5/1 Update Contents

Postby Takoyaki » 01 May 2018, 19:20

Greetings from the Onigiri Management Team,

Today's update contents are as follows.

Three Sisters Redux Event

Hailing from a place known as the "Cosmic Crux", 3 charismatic sisters Asuka, Chihiro, and Matoi have arrived in Onigashima!


A flamewar in an online game appears to have brought them from the depths of space to Feudal Japan, but what kind of girls are they?!

By talking to each of the girls, you can play with them as a partner and test their abilities through Vanguard Swap in a test dungeon.


As you progress through the quest you will be able to unlock Hound Dog's Treasure Chest Nyankoropon!

Image Image

Collect enough materials and you can spin this nyankoropon for a chance to get Hound Dog as a mount! The second Nyankoropon also features some ougi skill cards and other goodies for you to get.

*This event will run from 5/1 after maintenance to 5/28 before maintenance.

Choose Your Partner

For a limited time players will be able to obtain a partner scroll through our Choose Your Partner event! All you have to do is collect Onigiri Badges and trade them in for a Character Exchange Ticket.

Available partners:

- Musashi
- Sasuke
- Himiko
- Izuna Tritail
- Musashi (Dark)
- Kintoki
- Shuten Douji
- Nobunaga
- Lancelot
- Shingen
- Kenshin
- Sanzou
- Gawain
- Tristan
- Six
- Ninety-Nine
- Hideyoshi
- Katsuie
- Kojirou (Flying Swallow)
- Venus
- Siegfried
- Valkyrie
- Asura
- Kirin
- Gargoyle
- Satan

*You can only obtain ONE Character Exchange Ticket throughout the duration of this event, so please think carefully about the item you chose to trade it for.

*You will NOT be able to obtain a scroll that you already exchanged for through the Gratitude Gala Exchange. So please chose a different partner.

*This event will run from 5/1 after maintenance to 6/11 before maintenance.

*Any unused Character Exchange Tickets will be deleted on 6/11 during maintenance.



We have several new nyankoropon featuring support partners! For a limited time Satan and Gargoyle will be featured in the platinum tier.

Normal Gacha
- Support Partner Nyan!
- Available until 5/28
- Spinnable with free OC or an SP Gacha Ticket

Normal Gacha
- Limited: Support Parnter Nyan!, Premium: Support Partner Nyan!, and Premium Support Partner Nyan2!
- Available until 5/28
- Spinnable with ONLY purchased OC
- Premium nyankoropons are spinnable with only a Premium Gacha Ticket



- We are currently running an OC campaign with awesome presents, for more information please read this post.

Patched Issues
- The bug that caused Valentine's Day event monsters to appear in Izumo and North Oosumi Plains has been fixed.

Closing Events
- The Kintoki Redux event has now ended

We thank you for your continued support,

-- The Onigiri Team

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