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Frequently Asked Questions about Onigiri.

Re: Recent FAQs

Postby [Ares]Xela » 10 Jun 2014, 01:36

Delta Fox wrote:
[Ares]Xela wrote: Oh wait.. THERE will be a wipe.. didn't get to see that lol. But really... Wow. :/// are there any ways to prevent the wipe?
i mean.. the game is already above average - near perfection if i were to rate it.
The storyline and The graphics are both EPIC .

as for the "The game balance".. The monsters damage and health is fine.. its like.. for example, im level 7 with 234 HP fighting a lvl 8 Daruma with uhh.. 360 HP. so.. I do a 3 combo attack with 30 damage each then follow it up with a skill with 160 damage which lefts the daruma with 110 HP, but then. The daruma Jumps on me with some 170 damage which lefts me with 64 HP. (which is a bit unfair for other players) but WITH the help of some POTIONS, it will be fine. Just get out of the range of the Daruma then Heal yourself with some pots if your soloing then go back in battle just like that. or if you are in a party, you can just just tell your other party members to heal you if they are able to. :)

as for the EXPs.. its "kinda" fine. The harder the game, The more challenge you get. haha!

The thing that makes me play this game is that it's not like some other crappy MMORPGs.. For example. with a level 5 player can kill some level 14 mobs with an OP HP and Damage. or a level 1 player kills a level 16 boss (with some player boosting you), which makes you (after you kill the boss) a level 8 in 1 go.

This game is balanced in its own way.

dude yeah it's balanced in its own way and i honestly prefer the challenge and is happy with it, but come on! i'm like level 7 or 8 and i have to run dungeons with level 18 monsters with friggin TWO level 21 bosses! it hurts huhuhu

i'd be fine with the others, but maybe at least a "little" exp boost? :/

True that. maybe that's why they've added a doubled EXP boost yesterday. :D
Level 7-8? Just do some side quests or go party with someone else, Go EXP Grinding @ Kishinden Normal-Hard mode until you can do your next quest.


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Re: Recent FAQs

Postby endingtwelve » 10 Jun 2014, 20:10

When I play the game, there are a few glitches (bugs?) with the Partners/Characters. When I'm with one of the characters (I forget their names sometimes) and we fight together, they keep slashing even though the monsters are dead and the level is done. And about the monsters, it teleports and I just get really confused where they are, it even killed me when my health was full. They also don't die when I try to kill them.
Plus, one more thing, (just saying, ya know?) when I run and then stop, it keeps running for like, just a .5 second then stops, that's the thing that popped in my head when I started the game and pressed W.
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Re: Recent FAQs

Postby Motoharu » 11 Jun 2014, 01:26

Hi guys ,
I have a question that : ingame quest some has arrow help us find the right place finish it , but some doesn't and has no clue where to find and what to kill to finish with lack of monster's card , although I have collect all item drop from monsters ... :cry:
So how can we finish that kind of quest ?
Thanks for any help ;)
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Re: Recent FAQs

Postby Rufei » 11 Jun 2014, 03:13

So... who's on the GM team for official service? I remember GM Tempura amongst others during the alpha; any chance for familiar faces or new GM introductions?
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Re: Recent FAQs

Postby Delta Fox » 11 Jun 2014, 03:40

hello just another thing. the "bonus" in every dungeon run is a multiplier of some sort. just saying that for example, if i get c (or b?) rank, i get x0.7 "bonus", which acts as a multiplier. weird cause bonuses are supposed to add since... "bonus" or additional, something... whatever XD

but hey! shouldn't bonus increase the exp by x0.7 instead of decreasing the base exp? its just sometimes i get 800 exp base from dungeon run and if my rank is c (or b?) it decreases by around 200 or so. its not bonus at all. its multiplier T.T

so yeah, does it really act like that or is there some kind of sorcery going on here. it'd be better if "bonus" always adds
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Re: Recent FAQs

Postby seti » 11 Jun 2014, 22:12

the exp gained is so bad that I had to go through a level 33 dungeon at level 16 what the hell and after that the boss kills every one in 1 hit even with block and forget the dodge it's a AoE attack so your dead no matter what so unless you party you will always die it is not about skill or anything. so do make the exp normal rather than 1/10 of jap version in the open beta or you guys will lose a lot of players i mean come on this version has 1/10 of jap version which is close to Korea and china whom are known for having grinding based game and you want us to grind 10 times more then them. It would be understandable if it was for testing purpose but you guys have not said anything about it so excuse me if i am wrong but if this exp rate continues then forget the level 100 which is the cap at jap version i don't think people will even feel like going up to level 60.
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Re: Recent FAQs

Postby Nichitsu Sama » 12 Jun 2014, 23:22

A question if you mind....
After the characters are wiped, and the CBT is over and all that will it be easier to level up?
I mean i spent HOURS just getting to level 5.
Also, will you make it so that the damned dungeons drop weapons that you can actually use? I mean im in a level 9 dungeon, im level 13 and im getting level 17 gear...
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Re: Recent FAQs

Postby Philgrant41 » 13 Jun 2014, 00:15

Hey this is a bit off an odd statement and all but meh ya never know unless ya ask right?

So wheres ringo in all this? I haven't seen them reply to anything since the first page. I play the JP server and love it cause its fun and it doesn't feel like its holding me back like this server is. 4-5 hours on there would equal lvl 20-24 (depending) and 4-5 hours here is lvl 5 AND fighting level 14+ mobs. Now i know they did a 2x exp boost but lets all be honest here. THAT DID NOT HELP. And i mean this in the most polite way possible, as it stands now it feels way too much like a game meant for grinding and grinding only. Me and my group of friends literally were dumb founded when we saw that we played for 5 hours and only got to lvl . And no we arent slow levelers. It feels so boring and draining. NO ONE likes a game that makes you grind like this.
And before anyone goes on to hate this comment or say im complaining. The max level is 100, I'm lvl 40 on the JP server and the exp required for a lvl now is about 200K at that point. And a dungeon run on hell mode there around your level gives about 25-35K exp. Do the math there and see the grind from 40-41 are about the same for this games 4-5.
I know its CB and everything is subject to change. But as I'm seeing no admin or GM replying to these voices of EXP worries or telling us that it will change I find it prudent to say this FIX THIS OR IT WILL DIE QUICKLY.
So ringo and everyone at cyberstep THANK YOU FOR THIS GAME:D. But what are you planning on doing for the exp issue?
What are you plans for the cash shop?
What about selling? In the jp version you can sell you items for the currency you get from real money, are you keeping that?
Would it be possible to add ingame currency as an option in the shop as well?
And as far as i know there has been no accouncement or thoughts for trading, what are you guys's thoughts? I would really love to know. Not to bash anyone or anything but I aspire to be an MMO creator. Hearing back from everyone would be awesome.

That is all.
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Re: Recent FAQs

Postby RavUiai » 13 Jun 2014, 15:39

seti wrote:It would be understandable if it was for testing purpose.

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Re: Recent FAQs

Postby Autumn15 » 14 Jun 2014, 13:00

How does skill allocating work in this game? I put 4 points into wisdom and 2 or 3 into mind but for some reason it jumped up to 11 for wisdom and 9 for mind. Is this a glitch or is this supposed to happen?
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