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Frequently Asked Questions about Onigiri.

Re: Recent FAQs

Postby Ilina_Aniri » 05 Jun 2014, 23:22

not quite FAQ related, but i noticed a few things that may be potential flaws that may impact the game's leveling flow. the Amount of Experience Points Required to gain a level, is a lot higher than the rate at which a character can gain experience points can reliably reach without dedicating an excessive effort to grinding instead of relying on quests as the primary XP filler. there wasn't quite a thread to report beta feedback, but this is my first day's progress.

i had to clear a level 10ish dungeon at level 4ish due to the lack of quest experience that most characters tend to rely upon, plus, there is also a lack of available level 5-7 gear that could help characters like myself whom tried to play the dungeons while drastically underleveled.

the easiest way to fix this in the official version would be to either drastically lower the amount of experience required to gain a level to make a more reasonable yet smaller scale, or to bloat the XP gained from monsters, quests and objectives to compensate for the higher XP numbers. i would personally vote for reducing the amount of experience to gain a level and use a smaller scale that calculates faster.

it doesn't have to be instant, but it shouldn't take 2 dozen quests to get from level 4 to level 5 because experience from quests just isn't plentiful enough to keep up with the content. leading to the grindfest that nearly killed Tera, Elsword and Aura Kingdom outside of their limited communities of faithful players. my second suggestion, is a currency squish, if there is anything bound to cause lag, it is large numbers and repeated calculations, this can be fixed by both squishing currency rewards and currency based costs alongside them.
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Re: Recent FAQs

Postby eiru » 06 Jun 2014, 05:37

guys !

can i use my lvl 32 character of Onigiri_JP on this CBT ? ;w;
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Re: Recent FAQs

Postby Lazgrane » 06 Jun 2014, 06:31

eiru wrote:guys !

can i use my lvl 32 character of Onigiri_JP on this CBT ? ;w;

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Re: Recent FAQs

Postby Maya » 06 Jun 2014, 09:42

Do we need 2001 coins at minimum to get the pre-payment last tier reward? Or is 2000 coins is enough? Are the rewards stack-able, meaning for reaching last tier, we get everything before the tier?
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Re: Recent FAQs

Postby SupremeTentacle » 06 Jun 2014, 10:08

A little more on the purchasing shtuffs...

Is it possible for you guys to provide us something akin to a small preview of the stuff that Onigiri coins can be used to purchase, and their prices?

At the moment, the only conclusion that we can arrive at is that $1 is a resurrection.
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Re: Recent FAQs

Postby Netoo » 06 Jun 2014, 10:13

fix the EXP rate please #___#!
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Re: Recent FAQs

Postby aljade15th » 06 Jun 2014, 18:00

pls fix the exp
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Re: Recent FAQs

Postby Maeshima » 06 Jun 2014, 18:40

Yeah the main problem is the EXP rate. Please fix that as soon as possible especially in CBT so that we can test more quest.. right now im LVL 7 doing lvl 18 dungeon.. and i kept on getting raped by Tiamat..
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Re: Recent FAQs

Postby Hinagiku Katsura » 06 Jun 2014, 22:06

Ringo im having problem in my client i got error cant run the exe because of the resolution i think? can you upload small resolution exe? gomenasai and arigatou gozaimasu ^_^

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Re: Recent FAQs

Postby Doguso » 06 Jun 2014, 23:11

While I can't deny the experience rate is skewed, I was able to easily reach level 10 by the time I got to Tiamat. Are you sure you are doing every quest available?

I also had very little grinding between the beginning and Tiamat when I hit 10, maybe 5 or 6 random runs. Your levels seem awfully low even with the experience curve.

However Tiamat+, the leveling issue becomes more and more ridiculous. I've already completed all but 2 sub quests (which I'm having to grind to complete) and I've only hit level 12 while doing level 20+ dungeons. And every item dropping is now 24+. If anything, the leveling should place people closer to 18 or 19 by the time they reach Ahriman, imo. That way they at least have access to the newer equipment from the 4 gods run.
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