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Starter Guide

Postby DemonKitty » 28 May 2018, 16:56

Hey there again. I plan on making everything I completely know about Onigiri.

Starter guide!

So the first thing you want to do when you just start brand new is test your controls & get a good feel of it to know which buttons to use. If you don't like it, you can change it ! Push the touchpad/start/alt, > Settings > Controls > Choose a button for the action. then confirm. You did it !

Secondly, try practicing fighting some enemies. Go to the bridge in Onigashima to the north, and go inside the portal. Then when you loaded, some enemies are on the right side in the grass. try fighting them to get used to the fighting style ! Died? Use a free spawn at the top. Save Soul eggs for emergencies. A good strategy about identifying weapons is to only identifying gold weapons. It's the best weapons & it saves money.

Next, talk to the gold point duruma in Onigashima. Accept it's quest, and turn in the free 1000 points it gave you. When you successfully turned it in, try trading in tan brown bags. they are called materials known as mats. Save the blue ones. This way, it saves a lot of space in your inventory and you can save up duruma points to buy stuff from the point duruma.

After that, try doing a dungeon or 2 in Kikagahara. After completing them, try doing your main quest until you beat the door behind Kiichihougen called Kishinden. When you defeat the boss and go out, you have successfully made your freedom out of Onigashima!

Now you should try to chat in whisper and party. Open up your menu, and hover your mouse over where it says Type next to the chat bar. You can choose Party but you need to be in a party in order to choose this. If you want to whisper someone go to Menu > Community > Player List > Click a player by pushing Triangle on the username. Then it says whisper, friend ect. Click whisper and begin.

Now for leveling up, you should either do events by the NPCS around Onigashima & Kikaigaraha, or dungeons inside Kikaigarara.
Later on you get Gacha tickets while progressing through the story, you can use them for the Shopping Plaza. Go to menu > and it's at the very right. Only can be used in safe areas.

That's all for now. If i can think of more i'll update it.
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