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New Partner Character

line New Partner Character

Introducing an all new character to Onigiri….

Miyamoto Musashi!

Musashi can be unlocked through a scroll available in the Nyankoropon.

Sample Voice
  • 01
  • 02
  • 03

01 - I shall show you the true power of Niten Ichi-Ryuu!
02 - I shall spare no effort in this battle!
03 - Give them no quarter!

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Besides helping you fight off Youkai on your adventures, Musashi can make use of the “Vanguard Swap” function!

To use this function, simply bring Musashi along to battle. As you fight alongside each other her “Vanguard Gauge” will build.


When it is completely full you can change positions with Musashi and control her during battle by assigning a key to this function in the new Key Config feature.

While controlling Musashi, her dodging and attacks are vastly different from your own - she can launch both aerial assaults and defensive manoeuvres!

*However, “Vanguard Swap” cannot be performed while the menu window is open.

You can also call on Musashi in towns or fields just like your other partners.

Rather than Komainu, paperbacks or models, Musashi is all about weapons!
To level up your Musashi partner character you’ll have to impress her with an arsenal.

With each level-up she’ll become even stronger and able to deal out more damage.

Her level cap of 100 means she’ll fast become a powerful comrade in arms.

Musashi comes with her own individual skill set…
image … which you can edit how you see fit! This means you decide the skills that Musashi brings to battle!
image image

The amount of skills available to her changes as Musashi’s level increases.


The new character Miyamoto Musashi will be be available for a limited time in the Nyankoropon!

Be sure to check our official website for details on her departure.

Psst! There are perks to getting her more than once, so spin and see what she can do!

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