Knight of Sorrows! Take thy oath of absolute loyalty.LANCELOT

A young girl clad in red garments of the mysterious kind has been seen standing around in front of a statue in Onigashima.

It would seem that she’s got herself mixed up with some greedy merchants. Despite our heroes chasing these knaves away, she unsheathes a beautiful blade in indignant rage upon hearing the word “Excalibur”.

Her name is “Lancelot.”

She says she is a knight from Britain. Just what brings her to Japan?

Britain, The Holy Grail, King Arthur… This collision of sorts with the distant foreign land she hails from has triggered an event of grand proportions.

My name is Lancelot, a knight of the Round Table.I serve his highness, King Arthur!
Lancelot’s Profile
The knight of the Round Table who serves his majesty King Arthur has come from a prosperous land across the oceans.

The reason for her being swept away into Japan is a mystery, even she does not know why she is here. She is in a frenzy searching high and low for King Arthur, who may have also been swept into Japan.

In King Arthur’s Realm of Logres she is praised as an exceptional knight thanks to her unique battle prowess and loyalty to her king, which actually goes into rather abnormal levels. It is said that this loyalty is due to an act of betrayal committed in the past.

While she may be very serious and finds it easy to trust others, this also makes her easy to deceive. She is often swept away by smooth talking merchants and ends up buying things that she does not need. It is said that King Arthur is quite troubled by this.

She is best friends with Gawain, another knight of the Round Table and since coming to Japan she has been fixated on tofu.

▼Lancelot’s Voice
CV: Ai Kakuma
  • 01 “I am Lancelot! Knight of King Arthur and the Round Table!”
  • 02 “Confession Dear Libretto!”
  • 03 “Is this what you call tofu? Such beauty and deliciousness, this’ll make a great gift. What?! It expires in five days?!”