From the Cosmic Crux, 3 Sisters Emerge!

Introducing the 3 Sisters! Asuka, Chihiro, and Matoi.

Gargoyle Profile

A girl summoned by Ashiya-Douman and wielding the power of the legendary gargoyles. She has no recollection of her life as a gargoyle, but is aware of her “Kamikui” strength.

Wanting to improve his summoning techniques Douman entered a strange street shop and bought some channeling materials which belonged to gargoyles from the distant past... Through these arcane items this young girl was summoned.

A girl, but also a real deal gargoyle. Neither Douman nor the girl are exactly sure what kind of powers lie dormant within her. Despite a quiet and shy demeanor, she is actually quite friendly. You won’t see her out of control like one of the Kamikui.

Her favorite food is udon because it was the first food she ate after her summoning. Lately she has discovered the deliciousness that is udon toppings, and is obsessed with putting things like eggs, atsu-age, and spices on her udon.

Gargoyle Profile
▼ Gargoyle Voice Sample: (CV: Takamori Natsumi)
  • 01 My name is Gargoyle. I... think.

  • 02 I guess you leave me no choice but to fight.

  • 03 Umm... I can actually feel through these wings so I’d appreciate it if you did not touch them... ah, that tickles.

Meet Gargoyle in Onigashima!

Gargoyle introduces the new system of “Assist Characters” and can be accessed by using a “Covenant Scroll - Gargoyle” obtained from the Nyankoropon.


About Assist Characters

An Assist Character’s primary duty is to support the player. By performing healing skills and attack buffs, they cover the player and become an indispensable companion on your adventures!


Weapon Equipment Slot

Assist Characters can use Weapon Equipment Slots to equip a weapon and raise their status.

A few slots are locked, however when you fulfill the necessary requirements you can unlock them. Unlock them all to have a stronger partner fight with you!


AI Option

For Assist Characters, you can manage the settings to set the priority of skills you want them to use.

The “Automatic” and “Custom” settings can be used to give your partner specific instructions on how to fight so use them well!


● Automatic Settings

With this AI Option, you can choose what skills a type corresponds to. You can leave the skill input to the AI.

Will mostly attack the same enemy as a player using the attack skills set. (Essentially, the same behaviour as Vanguard Swap, Summon Youkai, and Battle Mount characters).

Will mostly target the player with skills set to support.

Based on the player’s situation, this mode uses both attack and support actions to assist the player.

● Custom Settings

Related to the skills that the AI uses, you can target the specific settings you would like to use.

・Order Assignment
Uses skills based on the conditions of the player and the target. Periodic support as well as cool down time settings can be changed.

Automatic Settings

Training Assist Characters

Just like your own character, you distribute the status points of assist characters as they level up. However, in the case of your assist character an “EXP Ticket” is required.

These tickets can be found in the new warding “EXP Ticket Hunt” so get searching!

You can also use more than one “Covenant Scroll - Gargoyle” to unlock more weapon equipment slots and stronger skills!

Gargoyle’s maximum level is lv. 130. However, by using multiple “Covenant Scroll - Gargoyle” you can raise the level cap to lv. 150.

*The images are currently in development and subject to change.

Introducing Parvus Gargoyle!

"Gagomi" from the Onigiri anime is making her debut in game as "Parvus Gargoyle"!

Parvus Gargoyle

Gagomi is an Assist Partner Character you can lean on whenever you need someone to help you with buffs and healing spells in some of our tougher dungeons. Clear all the in-game quests and you can obtain your very own Parvus Gargoyle Scroll! For more information regarding Assist Partner Characters please click on the button below.

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How to obtain Parvus Gargoyle

Talk to Parvus Gargoyle in Onigashima to receive a special quest! Complete that quest and you will receive Covenant Scroll - Parvus Gargoyle x1 as a reward!

Parvus Gargoyle

The victim of some strange summoning, Gagomi/Parvus Gargoyle seems to be very hungry, and like her predecessor she can eat like a horse. Make your rounds through Japan gathering up the ingredients for an epic cook-off and bring them to Gagomi in Onigashima.

Parvus Gargoyle's Profile

The second girl with the powers of the Gargoyles to be summoned by Ashiya Douman. She has no recollection of her memories as a gargoyle, but is aware of the "Kamikui" strength that lies within her body.

Douman intended on summoning a Yokai, however due to a careless mistake (he mixed some magical notes in by accident) he ended up summoning Parvus. Although, he swears that it was Gargoyle's sneezes that caused Parvus' appearance to come out akin to that of Gargoyle's.

Parvus Gargoyle is energetic, bright, and looks up to Gargoyle as her big sister. She's also very curious about humans and wants to learn as much as possible about them.

Her favorite food is udon, however lately she's been getting into ramen too.

Parvus Gargoyle01 Parvus Gargoyle02 Parvus Gargoyle03 Parvus Gargoyle04

Illust: Beriko

▼"Parvus Gargoyle" Voice CV: Miyu Mogami
  • 01 I'll show you the power of the Kamikui!

  • 02 I feel at ease when I'm with you Nee-sama!

  • 03 Gagogagogago. Hehe. Any ideas as to what I said?

Parvus Gargoyle