New Knights From a Foreign Land Cometh!

Gawain, the Courageous Heroine of Light & Flame

From a distant land across the oceans, the prosperous foreign soils of “Britain,” comes a Round Table Knight that serves the great King Arthur.

Known as the knight of the sun, this knight lives up to her name with her genuine strength and her reinvigorating personality. She has that elderly sister vibe amongst all of her bright Round Table sisters, however she can be quite blunt at times and just outright says whatever passes through her mind. Nevertheless, no one hates her for it. She is not one to show her worries or let things get to her, but even her bright personality wanes and her more composed side shows at times.

Gawain is best friends with Lancelot. When Gawain went on a rampage against King Arthur, Lancelot was the only person able to stop her. However when Gawain loses it, which rarely happens, it is said that nobody, not even Lancelot, can stop her. She is also good friends with Tristan, but everytime she hears Tristan’s musical numbers she falls asleep, and often Tristan ends up leaving her behind.

Since coming to Japan she has become quite the natto fanatic despite being taken aback by its smell when she first encountered it.
Gawain01 Gawain02 Gawain03


▼“Gawain” Voice(CV:Yumi Igarashi)
  • 01:“I’m one of the knights of the round, Gawain! Let’s tear this sucker a new one!”
  • 02:“I heard Tristan is receiving letters from all the girls in Japan. As expected from that ladies magnet. Huh, I got some too? No way!”
  • 03:“Dragon Helios Sphere!”

Tristan, the Brilliant Bard

From a distant land across the oceans, the prosperous foreign soils of “Britain,” comes a Round Table knight that serves the great King Arthur.

She loves to make music with her precious bow the Failnaught. She is very easy-going and moves at her own pace, while having a very mysterious aura about her. Although she is very popular (with the ladies) due to her exquisite beauty, all of the romances she has experienced thus far have ended in heartbreak. She secretly dreams of the day when she will find true love and become head over heels crazy. Gawain calls her the natural lady’s magnet, however Tristan does not even understand why she is so popular.

While she may be really gifted with her bow, she isn’t fully aware of just how powerful she is, and so she prefers to play the role of supporter.

She doesn’t feel the least bit taken aback from being swept away into Japan, instead she is full of curiosity and is eager to explore the lands of Japan. Since coming to Japan she is still receiving lots of love letters from girls all over the country.

She is taking on many a Japanese cuisine, and so far her favorite is pickled radishes. Pickled radishes have a very pungent smell, Lancelot could not bear to eat them much less fathom their smell so she asked Tristan to eat her leftovers.
Tristan01 Tristan02


▼“Tristan” Voice(CV:Kotomi Aihara)
  • 01:“I’m Tristan, yeah right now I have this gig with the knights of the round going.”
  • 02:“Perhaps if I meet my one true love then maybe I can become stronger! … Just kidding!”
  • 03:“Let’s get this show on the road, Buramente!”


As you progress through the event quest, new weapon recipes will be added to Lancelot's item exchange!


Speak to Lancelot, the knight who was blown away from her distant homelands and arrived in Onigashima to discover that she may not be alone... A report of some strangers wearing peculiar armour has reached her ears.

A little investigation reveals these two strangers to be.... Gawain and Tristan?!


Proceeding through the quest will also introduce Gawain's item exchange shop, where items found in the quest dungeons can be exchanged for powerful prizes.

Through this exchange the Magatama of Loyalty can be acquired. Using this as a base, the all new Knightly Magatama and Magatama of Translucency can be created!

If you have these Magatama equipped in the newly introduced dungeons you can deal extra damage and increase your rewards for clearing them until 2/27.

Give it a try - it's an easy way to stock up on loot for more exchanges!

Limited Time Event

Gawain's item exchange, the dungeon clear reward bonus, and the special effects of the Magatama of Loyalty, Knightly Magatama and Translucent Magatama will be valid from 1/31 - 2/27.

* The quest, dungeon and item exchange affiliated with Lancelot will remain open.
* The Magatama of Loyalty available through Gawain's exchange shop will exhibit its special properties for 30 days from acquisition.

Introducing New Weapon Recipes!

As you progress through the event quests you can exchange items with Lancelot and obtain all new weapon recipes!

new weapon01

new weapon02

new weapon03

The newly introduced weapons are axe, bow, wand, and staff: with each one available in 7 different types based on the divergence pattern that you choose.

So get in there and give them a go!


The “Divine Protection Incense” item available from Gawain’s item exchange shop will be needed in the construction of these all new weapons.

Gawain's exchange shop will be available from the end of maintenance on 1/31 until the start of maintenance on 2/27, so please be mindful of the deadline!