A Queen's Triumphant Return

New Character

▼ Voice Sample (CV: Hira Satomi)

  • 01:I am the queen of Yamtaikoku, Himiko. An honor.


  • 02:Of course I know about manga.
    With Kaguya's help I've worked on their shading!


  • 03:You may fawn upon me if you wish.


Their virtuous queen and performer of sacred rituals, Himiko is the ruler of Yamataikoku.
She is the elder sister that her people yearn for.

Himiko is an oracle of legend, and has a younger brother named Nashimewho worked as a diplomat during Yamataikoku’s foundation.


Himiko was chosen as a sacrifice to the Kamikui and was thought to be dead, but miraculously resurrected.

As a result of this she can correspond with spirits and has the divine protection of the gods.

She can freely use the ‘Way of Oni’ sorcery and in combat she is feared for command of the arcane. When Kaguya mysteriously appeared in Yamataikoku, she was raised with great care by Himiko with the same standing as Himiko’s younger brother, Nashime.

From a young age Himiko led a life entirely of ritual and rite, without knowing the struggles of an ordinary, earthly life.

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A Queen's Triumphant Return

With the resurrected Lucifer blocking the path, the Oushuu Highway has been closed off to our heroes.

As they search for a clue to upset the balance of battle and push through the challenge of Lucifer, a messenger from Yamataikoku arrives.

It seems that once more Yamataikoku has been ensconced within clouds of darkness.

However, the triumphant return of their Queen heralds the chance to strike back.

Before the very eyes of our heroes, a new Kamikui has ventured forth.

Seized by grief and madness this fresh challenge runs his crooked talons across the scars of Momo’s heart…

From here, a tragic performance of grief and sorrow begins!

An Instrumentalist’s Ruin

The introduction of the dreaded Mephistopheles.

A giant mass of exposed bone, Mephistopheles is something like a puppet while the human-like Faust is in control… Or is he?

new weapons

Introducing 8 new weapons using parts of Mephistopheles taken in battle!