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12/18 Gratitude Gala Update

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12/18 Gratitude Gala Update

Postby Takoyaki » 20 Dec 2017, 23:57

Greetings from the Onigiri Management Team,

In today's update, we would like to introduce the Gratitude Gala, which you can obtain a partner of your choice by completing, as well as a bunch of new campaigns!

Update Contents

To thank all of the Onis that have came to the world of Onigiri, we will be holding the “Onigiri Gratitude Gala” for everyone to enjoy!


In Onigashima, a portal has been added so you can access the “Gratitude Gala Grounds!”

By clearing the dungeon “Gratitude Gala Kishiden” in the Gratitude Gala Grounds, you can collect materials to exchange for items!


After collecting enough Gratitude Badges, it is possible to exchange them for a “Gratitude Character Exchange Ticket” with Kichiihougen in the Gratitude Gala Grounds.

This exchange ticket can be used in Mei’s exchange shop for a Vanguard Character, Divine Possession Character, Mount Character, or Assist Character scroll of your choice.

The exchangeable character list is pictured below:


*When exchanging fro Sanzou, Tristan, Six, and Ninety-Nine, you will receive 2 of their partner scrolls (for the same partner).

After completing the Gratitude Gala dungeons, you can try out all of the partners listed above by talking to the Kijimuna to help make your decision!

Gratitude Gala Conditions & Notes
- You may only obtain one Gratitude Character Exchange Ticket through this event.
- In the Gratitude Gala Kishiden, you have the chance of obtaining special items through the boss and mid-boss drops and the clear rewards.
- Rare drops include various Magatama and Skill Cards! Please look forward to obtaining them!

Drop Example: Pure Lightning Core, Fallen Cross, Empty Grave (a large variety of Material Items)
Clear Reward Example: Hlidskjalf Earth - Blade of Ruin Recipe, Fusion Bear Magatama, Skill Set Card 7 (a large variety of Clear Rewards)

Kichiihougen's Exchange Shop Conditions

- You can exchange Gratitude Badges obtained from dungeons and daily achievements here.
- Duration: 12/18 - 3/12
*Please note that even if you obtain Gratitude Badges every day, it is not possible to obtain everything in the exchange, so please keep this in mind!

Mei's Exchange Shop Conditions

- You can use the Gratitude Character Exchange Ticket to exchange for a character here.
- The Gratitude Character Exchange Ticket is available through Kichiihougen's Exchange Shop.
- Duration: 12/18 - 3/12
*Even after exchanging the ticket, Mei will remain.

Musashi Item Exchange Shop Conditions

- You can exchange Gratitude Cakes here from the Gratitude Gala Kishiden.
- Duration: 12/18 - 1/15

Additionally, we have added Maid and Butler Outfits for Shizuka and Miroku, and partner accessories with similar outfits for the rest of the Onigiri cast!


Christmas Event with Lil' Musashi

This Christmas... Musashi is now a kid!? You can obtain your own “Summoner’s Scroll - Lil’ Musashi” in our holiday “Lil’ Musashi & the Holy Night” event.


You can start this event by talking to the NPC "Yukiko" located in Onigashima. You will be able to challenge 2 new dungeons and face familiar foes!

You can obtain her Vanguard Scroll through the following ways:

- Quest Clear Reward (1 scroll)
- Event Exchange Shop (7 scrolls)
- Event Dungeon Clear Rewards

The probability of obtaining it depends on difficulty and clear rank in the dungeons Mt. Abuta - Holy Night and Daiku Cave - Holy Night:

Normal: SS Rank
Hard: SS Rank, S Rank
Hell: SS Rank, S Rank, A Rank

In addition, the dungeons will have the following special effect as well:

Event "Kamikaze Attack" Explanation:

Targeted Dungeons: Mt. Abuta - Holy Night and Daiku Cave - Holy Night
Vanguard Characters: Kojirou (Flying Swallow), Maid Shizuka, Butler Miroku, Lil' Musashi

Clearing with the vanguard characters listed above will yield an increase in the following rewards:

- Mt. Abuta - Holy Night: Yukiko's Present (Material Item)
- Daiku Cave - Holy Night: Sublimation Orb (Material Item)

*The extent of the bonus effect varies depending on the character.
*This bonus does not affect the amount of Lil' Musashi scrolls that you can gain.

From 12/18, after maintenance, the vanguard partners “Miyamoto Musashi” and “Miyamoto Musashi (Dark)” will have their character voice changed.
Event Duration
12/18 - 1/15


We would like to introduce an all new partner to the Nyankoropon: Kojirou - Flying Swallow!


In the Normal Nyankoropon, Kojirou, Musashi, and Dar Musashi are now available in the Platinum Tier of Unit 01 and all come with a Premium Gacha Ticket!

In the Gold Tier, we have the butler/maid outfits and accessories that all come with an SP Gacha Ticket!

All lower tiers comes with Torn Pieces of SP Gacha Ticket that you can assemble.

Normal Gacha: Unit 01 Duration
12/18 - 1/15

In the other Units of the Normal Gacha, you will find previously released outfits and partners, such as the Halloween, Gothic, Tengu, and School Uniforms.

Additionally, we would like to introduce the following Nyankoropon below:

Gratitude Nyankoropon


We'll also be introducing a Gratitude Nyankoropon to the Shopping Plaza!

One spin of the Gratitude Nyankoropon costs just 20 OC and five spins is 80 OC! It's a special “thank you” value price for all our customers!

*You cannot use free OC to spin this Nyankoropon. Only OC purchased from our website can be used.

Gratitude Nyankoropon Duration
12/18 ~ 1/15

Furthermore, we are introducing a gacha called the “Thankspon” that you can spin with a “Thank You Ticket”.

You can only obtain a Thank You Ticket from this event!

The Thankspon is part of this special event and will only be available for a short period of time, so we encourage you to take part in spinning it~

Thankspon Duration
12/18 ~ 1/22

Discount Nyankoropon

We have an all new Discount Nyankoropon available for you as well! The first 25 spins (per 5 spin) will be available at this price:


Discount Nyankoropon Duration
12/18 ~ 1/15

Login Bonus Calendar

From 12/18 - 1/15, we will be introducing a special Gratitude Login Calendar.


During the same period, a consecutive login bonus calendar will be running!

Please see our Gratitude Gala website here for the full list of items you can obtain from the Calendar!

*After 7 days of consecutive logins are completed, the calendar will recycle and start at the first day. If you do not login in 2 days in a row, the calendar will reset (please note that our server is in PST).

All of these items collectively are worth around $130 of OC, so please login and take advantage of this offer!

Please note that the Full Energy Restorative -LTD- will be deleted from your inventory during maintenance on 1/15.


We have a Welcome & Comeback Campaign, as well as a Thank You Campaign in celebration of this event! All players have received special gifts with rare items. Please see our post here for more info!


During our Dungeon Boost Campaign, the energy cost in select dungeons will be reduced, and drop boost will be increased from 12/18 - 1/15!


We are also launching a Point Daruma Campaign from 12/18 - 1/15! The point exchange for OC is now 1.5x the regular rate, and the exchange limit is 2x what it normally is!


Patched Issues & Notes

- A compensation package containing 2 Efflorescent Buds and 2 Fallen Crosses has been sent out to all players as an apology for these items not being included in the Amanojaku exchange shop previously. This will expire on 1/15, so please accept it before then!
- More experience dungeons have been added to Mei's list. You can speak with her in Onigashima and try out new partners!
- From now on, new event quests will automatically be accepted by your character upon logging in, so you will not need to speak to any NPCs to accept them.
- The bug that crashed the game when changing underwear has now been fixed.
- There is currently Japanese text in a dialogue box of both Musashi and Mei. This will only appear once during the holiday quest and Gratitude Gala quest, and will not affect gameplay otherwise. We will be fixing this issue during the next maintenance.

Closing Events

- The Amanojaku Redux Event and Item Exchange Shop has now ended.
- Katsuie has now been removed from the Nyankoropon.

We thank you for your continued support,

-- The Onigiri Team

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