Gratitude Campaign Release!

Welcome & Comeback Campaigns!

Welcome & Comeback Campaigns!
Newly registered accounts in Onigiri, and users who have been taking a break from the game. Users who haven’t logged in for a certain amount of time will be eligible to also receive the following items.

  1. Legendary Gacha Ticket x1
  2. Platinum Premium Boost Ticket (7 Days) x1
  3. Gold Kompeitou x10
  4. Soul Egg x50
  5. EXP Boost +300% (60Min.) x1
  6. Ryou Boost +300% (60Min.) x1
  7. Drop Boost +300% (60Min.) x1
  8. Skill Set Card (III) 1 x1
  9. Skill Set Card (IV) 1 x1
  10. Skill Set Card (V) 1 x1
  11. Ougi Skill Set Card 15 x1
  12. Ougi Skill Set Card 16 x1
  13. Ougi Skill Set Card 17 x1
  14. Ougi Skill Set Card 18 x1

Legendary Tickets are a rare kind of ticket will allow you to win a partner character from the gacha, so please enjoy this special gift!
*You can only accept this present on one character per account.

Please follow this link for the list of characters you can select from!

■Welcome Campaign Targets
New accounts created from 12/18/2017 - 3/12/2018

■Comeback Campaign Targets
Previously created accounts that haven’t logged in since 8/11/2017 at 10pm PDT.

Furthermore, the Gratitude Campaign is simultaneously running with these campaigns!

From after maintenance finishes on 12/18, all existing accounts that were created prior to this maintenance will receive the following glorious items:

  1. Golden Floret x1
  2. Efflorescent Bud x1
  3. Full Energy Restorative x10
  4. Gacha Ticket x20
  5. Status Reset x1
  6. Smelting Reset Button B x3
  7. Magatama Slot Aid B x3
  8. Smelting Amulet Transcendent Fortune x3
  9. Ornamentation Amulet Transcendent Fortune x3
  10. Gold Kompeitou x25
  11. Artisan Sword Set x10
  12. EXP Boost +300% 60 min x10
  13. Ryou Boost +300% 60 min x10
  14. Drop Boost +300% 60 min x10

For more details, please look at our campaign post here!

*Please note that the Welcome and Comeback Campaign targeted accounts will not receive this present.

Gratitude Login Calendar

Gratitude Login Calendar
From 12/18 - 1/15, we will be introducing a special Gratitude Login Calendar.
Number of Days Item Amount
1 Repair Fairy 5
2 Gold Kompeitou 5
3 Hi Potion 10
4 Max Durability +500 Ticket 2
5 Kijimuna Summoning Card - Empress 1
6 Repair Fairy 5
7 Gold Kompeitou 5
8 Hi Potion 10
9 Max Durability +500 Ticket 2
10 Smelting Amulet Transcendent Fortune 1
11 Repair Fairy 5
12 Gold Kompeitou 5
13 Hi Potion 10
14 Max Durability +500 Ticket 2
15 Ornamentation Amulet Transcendent Fortune 1
16 Repair Fairy 5
17 Gold Kompeitou 5
18 Hi Potion 10
19 Max Durability +500 Ticket 2
20 Legendary Gacha Ticket 1
21 Repair Fairy 5
22 Gold Kompeitou 5
23 Hi Potion 10
24 Max Durability +50 Ticket 2
25 Max Durability +500 Ticket 2

During the same period, a consecutive login bonus calendar will be running!
Number of Days OC Received # of Full Energy Restorative -LTD- Received
1 5 OC 1
2 10 OC 1
3 15 OC 1
4 25 OC 1
5 45 OC 1
6 75 OC 2
7 150 OC 3

*After 7 days of consecutive logins are completed, the calendar will restart from the first day.

All of these items collectively are worth around $130 of OC, so please login and take advantage of this offer!

Please read the details of our event here!

Retweet for OC Campaign

Retweet for OC Campaign

■Campaign Contents
In proportion to the number of retweets our target tweet receives, we will send free OC out to players!

Example: 111 retweets = 111 OC (free OC)
*The maximum we can send is 1000 OC.

■Campaign Duration
12/28 - 1/11

■Present Distribution Day

The more you retweet, the more OC you will receive, so please be sure to partake in this!

Please note that only the accounts that were created before the end of this campaign are eligible for these rewards.
Only one character per account can receive the OC, so please be careful of what character you accept it on.
You must accept this present by 2/16 before the start of maintenance, or else it will be deleted.

Gratitude Retweet Campaign

Gratitude Retweet Campaign

Depending on the number of retweets, we will send out rare items to players for hitting different numbers!

■Campaign Content
On the official US Onigiri Twitter, tweets with the hashtag “#OGGratitude” will have their retweets counted towards the following items listed below:

Retweet # Item Amount
10RT Thank You Ticket x5
50RT Smelting Amulet Transcendent Fortune x1
100RT Thank You Ticket x10
150RT Ornamentation Amulet Transcendent Fortune x1
200RT Thank You Ticket x15
300RT All Boost 400% (60Min.) x3
500RT Thank You Ticket x20
777RT 300 OC
1000RT Premium Gacha Ticket x3

*Q&Q is an trivia dungeon game for Android and iOS that is being localized in English. This collaboration will feature characters from the upcoming game! It is currently available in Japan. You can read more about it on our website here:
These characters are not planned to be implemented until later this year.

■Campaign Duration
12/28 - 1/11

■Present Distribution Day

Be sure to retweet a lot!

Dungeon Boost & Point

Dungeon Boost Campaign
During this campaign, the energy cost in select dungeons will be reduced, and drop boost will be increased!

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to be able to challenge more wardings than before!

■Campaign Duration
12/18 - 1/15

Point Exchange
When talking to the Point Daruma, you will notice that our special point campaign is now in effect!

The point exchange for OC is now 1.5x the regular rate, and the exchange limit is 2x what it normally is!

■Campaign Duration
12/18 - 1/15

Weekly Present Campaign!

Weekly Present Campaign!
You will be getting a special present every week!
Log in every week to get some useful items!

No. 1
January 16th 00:00 ~ January 22nd 23:59

No. 2
January 23rd 00:00 ~ January 29th 23:59

No. 3
January 30th 00:00 ~ February 5th 23:59

No. 4
February 6th 00:00 ~ February 12th 23:59

No. 5
February 13th 00:00 ~ February 19th 23:59

■Campaign Period
Campaign Period
January 16th to February 19th

*Presents will be distributed on Tuesdays and will be available until Monday 23:59 PM of the following week.
*Presents are only acceptable on ONE character per account, please exercise caution when obtaining your present so that you do not accept the presents on the wrong character.

Shopping Plaza Discounts!

Select items in the shopping plaza will be discounted!Don’t miss this opportunity to get your hands on some convenient items.

Discounted Items
・Summoner’s Scroll - Izuna
・Repair Fairy
・Hi Potion
・Magatama Slot Aid B

And for a limited time “Outfit Change 1 - Musashi Shopping Set” and “Outfit Change 1 - Himiko Shopping Set” will be available in the shopping plaza!

*These items are purchasable only with purchased Onigiri coins, free Onigiri coins will not be usable in the purchase of these items.
*The maximum capacity that the shopping sets can be stocked at are 1 and therefore any players who have already purchased these items will not be able to purchase them again.
*The outfit change scrolls cannot be used if the character they are for has not been unlocked.

The shopping set has the outfit change scroll along with the following items.

  1. SP Gacha Ticket x3
  2. Smelting Amulet Transcendent Fortune x1
  3. Ornamentation Amulet Transcendent Fortune x1
  4. Max Durability +500 Ticket x1
  5. EXP Boost 400% 60 Min. x3

■Campaign Period
January 30th, 2018 After Maintenance - February 12th, 2018 Before Maintenance
*These images are currently in development and are subject to change.
*The announcement content may change without notice.